DSCN0031[1]As the beginning of a new quarter starts the thought of the CCC Cookout is on everyone’s mind. The second Wednesday of every quarter the CCC club holds a cookout for all students, but mainly for the new students coming in. The CCC provides the food for everyone and makes sure they have something for everyone. The CCC takes this time to get to know the new students and introduce them to the CCC club. Being the Spring semester is only for transfer students there was not a huge incoming class but yet there was still plenty of people taking the opportunity to eat a good meal and get to engage in conservations with their fellow school mates.


DSCN0029[1]As usual the cookout started at 5:30 and by 5 o’clock the grills were up and running and the smell of food filled the entire building. I was in my last class of the day (Microbiology II) and half of the classes stomachs were rumbling from the smell of the food. After that aroma filled the classroom, at least half of the class went down to get some food. Everyone seemed to enjoy good laughs, great company, and even better food! Thanks goes out to the CCC club for letting this event happen.