So, what is the purpose of a Chiropractic Mission Trip? Is it about us? Is it about going out to save the world?


I really like the picture above because it captures in its image chiropractic students truly on a mission…all loaded up on a truck ready to serve – to change the world! But this is only part of the purpose. Truly the people in Haiti, or wherever your trip takes you, has people in great need.

Perhaps in my mind the most important aspect of the trip is to bring heart, soul and hand together…to meet the people in the world in an act of loving kindness. At any moment in our lives we have the choice to serve, and there are times we receive as well. A mission trip brings this forefront in our consciousness, if it has not at any other time in our lives. 

It burnishes the rust from our hearts and reminds us that we are living beings sharing the world with others that have the same needs that we have; children that need to be cared for, elders that need hope and those in the middle carrying the burden of their society.

The truth is that we all carry the burden of the health of our planet and its people. The truth is that people who have great needs remind us of our humanity and in our humanity we can help them…live. It’s a win – win situation.