I think most students at Sherman would agree that being a part of a club is a lot of fun and a good way to meet students in other quarters. Currently, Sherman hosts a wide range of technique clubs from Activator to Gonstead to NSA to little spines. There are also local chapters for international organizations like World Chiropractic Congress, ICFO, New Beginnings philosophy club, and SABCA. There are also specialized interest clubs like Chiropractic Student Congress, Maximized Living, rugby, and Christian Chiro club. For more information, check out Sherman’s website: http://www.sherman.edu/campus-community/chiropractic-clubs.asp

Personally, I Blog 7.3am most involved with New Beginnings philosophy club and Christian Chiro club (CCC). This reflects my interests and has given me some cool opportunities. Philosophy club works to coordinate a triannual trip to the philosophy conference New Beginnings.

In April, Philosophy club is working to fill two charter busses so Sherman can be well represented at the next New Beginnings conference. I can’t wait to go. It will be awesome to talk to field doctors and see how their philosophy interacts with their daily practice.
For anyone interested in more information about New Beginnings, here is a link to their website: http://www.nbchiro.com. It would be great to see any prospective chiropractic students in April!

image adapted from the NB logo, http://www.nbchiro.com

I also recently had the opportunity to participate in outreach for CCC. On Valentine’s Day, the club organized a valentine give away to every staff and administration member that we could find in the building. I personally handed out 20+ valentines during the morning break. Each valentine contained various candies and a tract. I enjoyed giving back to those that make learning at Sherman possible. I can’t wait for other outreach opportunities with CCC during my time at Sherman College.


Handing out a valentine to Dr. Guangming Wu, PhD, Basics science teacher