Yesterday, I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Cordero speak on topic of “How Are Chiropractors Made?” I was very excited to hear him speak since Dr. Cordero does a lot of traveling as he continues to promote Sherman College.

Dr. Cordero began by showing my favorite Key and Peele sketch.


It is all about miscommunication. Dr. Cordero stated that if every chiropractor has a different objective, then their philosophy will be constructed around that objective and create a miscommunication between the profession and general public. The classic example given was a chiropractor that focusses solely on pain management. This chiropractor will only maintain patients in their office for as long as a patient is experiencing pain. As soon as the pain is gone, the patient will assume that there is no longer a need for chiropractic services. This is so sad since chiropractic care can “reconnect the individual to the source.”

Dr. Cordero also warned against the poverty mindset. If a chiropractor is only concerned about the money, they will always be accommodating the complaints of symptoms. Dr. Cordero gave the example of adding extra therapy such as “rubbing [their] feet or rubbing [their] elbow to make them feel better.” This isn’t chiropractic. If a doctor has low confidence and can’t stand on their philosophy, “then they don’t have a leg to stand on.”

So how are chiropractors made according to Dr. Cordero?

1. Know what you want to do

2. Know how you will do it

3. Train

Dr. Cordero emphasized the necessity to continue to practice so one can deliver the goods when it comes to the art of adjusting. He recommended time spent connecting to the innate within by mediating, praying, and being connected to a local philosophy group. He also stated that one can’t know for sure how an individual will respond to having that interference removed from their nervous system. Occasionally, a patient may have to go to the ER after an adjustment since their body is all of a sudden detoxing. The philosophy will keep the doctor grounded.

Dr. Cordero closed with another classic youtube. Its not about the nail.


The problem with patients a lot of the time is that they just want to be heard. Part of the job of a chiropractor therefore is to listen and give out of their own abundance and love to reconnect that person and the community with the Source.
Dr. Cordero closed the meeting with a time for questions. It was definitely a good study break, but it was time to get back to work.