Here it is…last regular class day, of the 1st quarter, of the greatest experience of my life! Next week is finals week. We have a final in terminology and abnormal psychology on Tuesday, palpation and anatomy on Wednesday, histology and ethics on Thursday, and chiro philosophy on Friday.

After next week, I'm no longer a freshman "1st quarter". I will be upgraded to "2nd quarter". This next quarter presents a lot of changes, a lot of classes. Biochem (eww), palpation II (we learn how to "feel" structures, muscles, etc.), spinal biodynamics (physics of the spine?), anotomy II (more cutting on cadavers, learning all those muscles, nerves, vessels, etc.), philosophy II, history of chiro, toggle (part 2, learning part of the art of chiro), and microbiology (more fun). And we have to remember all this stuff??

HA. Just hoping my old brain can keep all this info I have learned thus far, as well as the info I will learn for the next 13 quarters. (Yeah, that's what I said…total of 14 quarters for those that don't know)

I'm excited that these finals mark the end of an era – this first quarter of chiropractic school. I'm excited that January marks the beginning of a new challenge: new classes, new professors. If I'm being honest, I'm also looking forward to bagelfest. I get to boo the incoming 1st quarters. Sadistic? Perhaps. But hey, it's tradition. Who am I to argue with tradition?

By the by…only 1198 days til graduation

I can't wait!