Graduation is December 14th this year. Many of us have been preparing for this date for a long, long time. Working hard, accomplishing things that are quite amazing!

This past quarter I’ve taken note as my fellow classmates beside me studied and took Part IV Boards. The following week we all took Exit Exams, which are a smaller version of Part IV Boards, plus a little more. These exams are taken to mark our passing out of Clinic

We’ve always silently looked up to Interns as they prepare and pass their Exits and Boards. Actually, I think it fair to say we look up to any Intern that is ahead of us as if they are accomplishing something mysterious. 🙂 Truth be told, every passage is mysterious until you have accomplished it. Yet, at this time, I still find the passage mysterious.    

Mysterious in that we have done so much, worked so hard side by side for many hours of a day and days in a week/month/into 3.5 years. And now we are perched on a threshold.

Some have already completed their Clinic requirements. That is; completed the required number of hours, patient visits, adjustments, x-rays, assessments etc. These interns have prepared to complete their last quarter elsewhere at an “outside” internship. Here they will observe office practices, techniques, whatever they are interested in learning about. 

And this is what has sparked my blog; people I have known well and worked beside for so long are one at a time completing their requirements, “Ringing the Bell” in Clinic and…flying the coop! Late last night I contemplated this phenomenon. I saw beautiful owls of all colors and types and sizes flying away, one at a time in great joy and accomplishment – onwards towards another destination.   

Two have already left for Michigan, one has gone to the Dominican Republic, two will go to Greenville SC, one to the Spartanburg area, one to Massachusetts, one to Ohio, one to Minnesota, one to Malaysia, one to the Philippines… Some take families with them, some return to families, some go alone.   

It confuses me, makes me wonder and leaves me sad. We have waited for Graduation. And yes, it will be a great joyful accomplishment, but it is also a parting of ways. 

We are perched on the threshold of new great accomplishments. These accomplishments will never end for we seek to care for others, participate in their healing and thus bring a hopeful peace to the world

It is a mysterious passage. It is a passage I too must go through. I will miss these young owls. The interns of this particular graduation are all exceptionally fine individuals. Those who will claim them as their Doctors of Chiropractic will be fortunate indeed. May they each go forth and become wise – returning to gather again at future Sherman Lyceums

FlyingTheCoop2 photo credit (both photos)