MelindaHallam_EddyRobinsonI met Dr. Eddy Robinson through a chance encounter. I was looking at Chiropractic colleges, but had not decided where to go yet. Dr. Robinson told me about Sherman and I am so grateful that he did. Not only did Dr. Robinson direct me to Sherman, but he has also kept in contact since I started, asking me how classes are going, giving me textbooks he no longer needs, and inviting me to see his practice. Dr. Robinson is a recent grad and just opened his own practice Alignment Chiropractic in Oak Ridge, TN. 

One of the greatest things I have found about the Sherman Alumni is there willingness to help the current students. If you are a recent grad and still have textbooks that are currently being used I am sure there are several current students that would be happy to take then off your hands. If you graduated a few years a go and are well established in an office, invite a student to come see. You never know the impact that you will make on someones life. 

I just wanted to write this post to say thank you to Dr. Robinson and to all the other doctors that are recruiting and mentoring students at Sherman. There is a bust of BJ Palmer that I believe is given to doctors that recruit students to attend Sherman. Dr. Robinson wanted on of these bust from day 1 as a student, but was told he could not buy it. At the top is a picture of Dr. Robinson and myself with the bust that he was given for recruiting me to Sherman.