We're back from the break, and it could not have been better. This was my first summer break since I have been here, and as the longest break of the year it was extremely nice to get almost a month off. I was able to take my kids camping where they made friends with a box turtle wandering through camp, and was able to enjoy a lot of time with them and my wife. I caught up on a lot of sleep and got to have fun with friends that have almost forgotten who I am over the last year.

But maybe the best part of the break is that I'm now rested, reenergized and ready to start into my second year here at Sherman College. Fifth quarter is turning out to be heavy in number of classes, but not as difficult in the classes as fourth quarter. The other nice element of fifth quarter is we now seem to be transitioning into a little more of the chiropractic classes and a little less of the basic sciences which also certainly helps me to get more excited about school. Now I just hope that year number two goes by just as fast as year number one did.