Unfortunately this year I don't get to be there. Last year, my first visit to the school was for Lyceum and it was terrific. This Year, with the extra long weekend, I opted to take the time off to be with my family instead of staying in SC for the festivities. My house in KY is for sale, and with any luck, next year my family will be living in Spartanburg and we will be able to enjoy all that Lyceum has to offer.

It really is a great opportunity to be able to meet and talk to other DCs from around the country and be able to glean some of that knowledge for use with my own future practice. It's also a great opportunity after a year of the daily grind of school to get reenergized about all that chiropractic is. Going to school full-time tends to make you forget that there's a real world out there where we're going to be living and practicing when we get done. This year I guess I'll just have to hear about all of it from some of my classmates who stayed for the weekend.