Sherman College's beautiful campus is packed with opportunities for students to learn about chiropractic.

Sherman College’s beautiful campus is packed with opportunities for students to learn about chiropractic.

If you’ve chosen a top-notch college like Sherman for your chiropractic education, then you’ve already made an important first step in getting the most out of your career.

Sherman’s demanding classes help you build the theoretical framework and practical hands-on skills you need to launch a rewarding career. You even have the opportunity to conduct research and contribute to the advancement of the field of chiropractic! But making the most of your college education is about much more than just coursework.

Chiropractic colleges like Sherman offer more than just an excellent classroom education, with clubs, research facilities, an in-house clinic, and even a museum for students to take their studies further. There is certainly no shortage of opportunities for advancing your chiropractic training!

If you aim to receive the full benefit of your chiropractic education outside the classroom, here are four simple tips you can use to get started.

Join a Club While You Complete Your Chiropractic Degree

Clubs have a lot to offer chiropractic students. They’re a great way to meet new friends at college with similar interests. And, while making new friends is its own reward, those friends will go on to become doctors of chiropractic too, making them valuable professional contacts later in your career. Joining professional organizations like the student chapter of the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations also helps you build up your network early, before you even graduate.

On top of that, many clubs at Sherman help students further their skills with a particular chiropractic technique like Gonstead or Activator. Students can also learn about other aspects of chiropractic practice like patient education or pediatric care.

Use Office Hours to Further Your Chiropractic Education

Don't let an instructor's years of experience intimidate you! Sherman professors are friendly and approachable.

Don’t let an instructor’s years of experience intimidate you! Sherman professors are friendly and approachable.

Some chiropractic colleges like Sherman offer a family atmosphere with plenty of personal attention that helps students get to know their instructors. But to truly maximize your chiropractic education, consider visiting instructors during office hours too.

Office hours can be a great opportunity to go over an essay outline, prepare for an upcoming test, or ask for a valuable reference letter.

Get to Know Your Campus and the Facilities it Offers

Enjoying Sherman's library can be fun and relaxing

Enjoying Sherman’s library can be fun and relaxing

Getting to know your campus does much more than teach you the most efficient route to take to get to class or the best places to study. Your college campus is filled with resources you can use to further your chiropractic training. The Tom and Mae Bahan Library at Sherman, for example, offers a rich collection of books and multimedia resources on chiropractic, business management, and biological and clinical sciences. The library also houses rare first editions of the famed “Green Books” on the history and philosophy of chiropractic.

On top of supplementing your knowledge through the library’s extensive collection, you can also quench your thirst for rare chiropractic books at Sherman’s Brown House Chiropractic Museum.

Use an App or Calendar to Manage Your Time Effectively

Of course, the last thing you want to do is overload your schedule with too many commitments. To help you stay on top of club meetings, study group sessions, and upcoming assignments, try using a time management app you can access right from your phone. You can also go the traditional route and use a paper calendar to stay organized as you complete your chiropractic degree.

What other ways do you make the most of your chiropractic education?