ChrisZAs a biology student, in my undergraduate schooling I had looked at medicine and dentistry as possible options, but when neither one ignited my interest I gravitated toward wildlife management because I had always enjoyed the outdoors. As I neared completion of my bachelor’s degree I found that as much as I enjoyed the outdoors, a career in it just was not going to be fulfilling, so I graduated college without a good idea of what I really wanted to do.

After working for several years in sales-related fields, my wife introduced me to a chiropractor that she had met through her job. The first thing he did was share the philosophy behind chiropractic which made sense to me. The idea that the body is designed to take care of itself was a concept that I had always believed but had never been able to articulate. After researching for a few days and seeing how chiropractic fit naturally into my own philosophy and scientific background, I knew I had finally found the occupation that would be fulfilling and help me take care of my young family. 

Though he is not a graduate of Sherman College, the D.C. that had introduced me to chiropractic recommended Sherman as the best school for learning chiropracTIC philosophy and technique. Since arriving here, I have found his advice to be accurate.

As a first quarter student, I came in expecting a curriculum the would continue to feed the fire of chiropractic excitement that began with my first introduction to chiropracTIC, and I haven’t been disappointed. The instructors here are excited to teach their work to a new generation of chiropractors and all seem to have a sincere desire to help each student to be successful while here in school and later in practice. The small size of the school and the classes also helps students develop quick friendships and a community atmosphere where a student can feel comfortable asking for help when it’s needed. 

After completion of my D.C. degree here, I plan to return to Kentucky and partner with the D.C. that introduced me to chiropractic for a few years before moving on to my own practice. I have a lot of thoughts now about how to run my practice and things that I want to incorporate into it, but I look forward to the rest of my chiropractic schooling here to continue to get new ideas that will help me in my practice and in life.