Ryan2My name is
Ryan Burkhart. My father is a Sherman College alumnus and this played an
immense role in my life and enrollment at Sherman College. I grew up under what
is often called the “chiropractic lifestyle.” Typically this refers to a mentality
that an adjustment will help the body deal with most ailments. It also avoids drug
use and vaccination, labeling them detrimental to your overall health.

Therefore, when
I became interested in the sciences and health in high school, I knew the “traditional”
medical model wouldn’t be a good fit for me. So, my sophomore year of high
school I decided to start working for enrollment in chiropractic school.

I think I
ultimately ended up at Sherman College because of their commitment to
philosophy. I figured I would learn to adjust at any college, but I saw Sherman
as a place to think both the why and the how of chiropractic. Other than
chiropractic care, I am passionate about my family and personal faith walk. I
also enjoy chilling with friends and wasting time watching YouTube videos.