Anyone looking for a good time Monday through Thursday from noon to two, come join us everyday for neuroanatomy II with Dr. Duke. I've been told that biochemistry II is the most challenging class we take here at Sherman College, and I really hope that is true. I found the material in biochemistry II to be challenging, but as long as I applied myself, had no real trouble understanding and came out of the class very well in the end. However this quarter with neuroanatomy II, the material is not difficult to follow, but the amount of material is truly intimidating. The class is designed to give us a better understanding of the human brain, and I have found this to be true, because now I have a very real appreciation for the millions of neurons and synapses that are cooking each day as I try to store two more hours of lecture each day into the already highly packed spaces in my head. Each of us in the class are grateful for our Mondays for one reason. That is the day that Dr. Duke does not lecture, but instead we have lab time to study models. It gives us a short break to prepare ourselves for the mountain of information we will recieve for the rest of the week. A quick tip for future neuro students: Dr. Duke has a good sense of humor and likes to tell stories, so prepare before class with a good joke or a question that can get him into one of his many stories, because if you can get him off subject for ten minutes, it might give you just enough time to come up for air before drowning under a new flood of information. But most of all, enjoy it, and remember that we are doing this to go into the greatest proffession in the world.

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