On April 19-21st I had the pleasure of going to “the Mecca” of principled chiropractic. Alright I am exaggerating. I went to the New Beginnings philosophy weekend in Long Beach, NJ. Now some of you are thinking, Hey you are located in South Carolina. Why are you going to Jersey? Well, it was for the speakers and the chance to get fired up about my profession. There was also a bus headed up North which made travel incredibly easy. (A special thanks to the Sherman Board of Trustees for taking on the financial burden of getting everyone to NJ.)

The weekend was a lot of fun. I heard speakers like Sam Selimo, Mike Warner, Tony DeMarco, Peter Morgan, Shane Walker, Bob Tarantino, and Irene Gold. I also got to hear from many of the leaders at Sherman including Peter Kevorkian, Liam Schubel, and President Edwin Cordero to name a few.

New Beginning 257


 ( I am sorry I can't organize the pictures any better. This program is terrible for orrienting pictures)





Each doctor had their own speech which hit on the importance of focusing on subluxation removal primarily and presenting symptoms secondarily. I would also say there was a congruent message of keeping prescription of pharmaceuticals out of our profession. Another highlight was the need to praise the intelligence that maintains the health in the body.

   New Beginning 223 New Beginning 388 New Beginning 360 














  New Beginning 362    New Beginning 373


I also managed to have some fun. The last night, there was a bonfire on the beach as well as a Beatles cover band playing inside the hotel. These events were a good opportunity to meet students from the other chiropractic schools. We also had access to pools/hot tub.
















There was also a chance to network with Doctors. We had a student lunch session where we rotated through several doctors as an open panel. They were willing to answer any questions about philosophy, practice building, personal or whatever you wanted to talk about for 5 minutes. (I think there was a 10 doctor rotation but for a more accurate recalling of the small details you should also check out Melinda’s blog)




I was also able to show off my Toggle skills. Apparently no other schools teach this technique.


There were far too many details to say in this blog but let me summarize by saying everyone interested in Chiropractic should go to one of these events to hear, learn, and grow. Even if you don’t think the weekend is fun, you can at least make an informed opinion on ChirorpacTIC.