Would you pay $0.04 for 30 seconds of my attention?  The answer is yes if you are one of the 40+ companies that advertised during last night’s super bowl.  Commercials during the Super Bowl sell for $4 million dollars for 30 seconds, but when you consider that over 100 million people watch the super bowl that $4 million dollars does not seem like such a bad investment.   

My shout outs for great commercials:

Jeep and USO – you did a great job keeping us guessing until the end!

Audi – kissing the girl at prom.  Many a young boy wishes for that kind of bravery!

Pistachios – great job using Gingham style in the most ridiculous way possible!

Calvin Klein – Sex appeal need I say more!

Tell me what you think: 

What works better Doritos with several different short commercials, Dodge with one really long commercial, or Bud Light with a continuous theme?

What was your favorite commercial?

Which commercial was the biggest waste of $4 million+ dollars?