It's a boy! The next heir to the British throne was born today. You either fall into the category of completely obsessed royal watcher or ok so what is the big deal, but either way this is a momentous occasion. The baby is now the 3rd person in line for the throne after his grandfather Prince Charles and his father Prince William.

I know for my generation we were not able to remember the birth of Prince William or Prince Harry.  This Prince is the start of a new era in the royal family.  The modern marriage of Kate and William has breathed new life into the monarchy.  The delivery of this royal baby adds a new chapter to their fairly tale romance. 

His Royal Highness will have an impact on the world we can only speculate about. He may or may not be king in my lifetime, but my children will see him ascend the throne. The British commonwealth includes 15 countries and has the potential to shape the future of not only Great Britain but the world. 

*Addendum The baby has been named! George Alexander Louis or more formally His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge!!