As a workstudy student in the admissions office I have the opportunity to make phone calls to prospective students to help them answer questions about the school from a student's perspective. This unique opportunity allows me the chance to also see the perspective that potential students have of Sherman, and what they are hearing about the school before attending. I am happy to report that most of what I hear is positive, and many DCs are recommending Sherman to potential students even if they are not Sherman grads themselves. Through my discussions it has become clear that what really sets Sherman apart from the other schools that are out there is a stronger focus on straight chiropractic and the philosophy that drives it. Those that I talk to often find a connection with Sherman when we talk about the body's innate ability and design to heal itself, rather than the doctor being the healer. Indeed, this is the principle that brought me to chiropractic and ultimately to Sherman myself, but it is sad to see that most other schools are far from that basic principle and moving farther from it. Even here there is some push to move more into the medical model and away from the traditional straight chiropractic model. Not only would that be disappointing for me, but if Sherman loses that focus, I'm afraid it will lose it's niche in the market of chiropractic schools, and with its size, might find it difficult to compete with larger schools that offer a very similar curriculum.