I had the pleasure of enjoying Cocoa Beach, Florida over Spring Break '13. My Grandma has a 5th floor condo right on the water near the pier. I traveled with Kevin from the quarter ahead of me to keep me company. We had a good time over the course of the seven days spent there. For the most part, the weather was good, but we had some rain as well as cool mornings to contend with. Overall, we played a lot of Frisbee and dominos as well as enjoying some rays and sand.

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Kevin and I were able to enjoy the clear night skies as well as the sun during the day. With the full moon, we were able to get some good shots. I think we spent almost as much time on the beach at night as we did during the day. Nothing is better than walking with your feet in the water.






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Unfortunately, we lost the majority of a day of relaxation on the beach because of a sudden rain storm. There was a tornado warning in the area as well so it was especially fierce storm.



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      That is more like it!







We also took a day to explore the Kennedy Space Center. We had a bus tour around the space center as well as a tour of the Apollo program which featured many rockets on display.There was also an IMAX theater which featured two 45 minute movies about the International Space Center and the Hubble telecope. They were very interesting and featured many beautiful images from space.

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Kevin and I also spent some time mini golfing to further pass the time and unwind.

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This park featured live gators (no larger than 4 feet). They say statistically that one gator is in every puddle in Florida.This course uses it for promotional purposes.

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Unfortunately for me, the ball didn't want to go in its home.





Finally, we played one game of dominos a night with my Grandma, and to Kevin's shame, I won most games. (It is a good thing he doesn't have a blog to defend himself).

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This was a great trip, but I am ready to get back in the saddle at Sherman for quarter three. I am excited to get my first round of Dr. Duke for Neuroanatomy I. I also hear GI/renal is hard so hopefully I will manage.