When you think of success, what comes to mind? Well, here at Sherman College success comes in many different forms. For example, Sherman has met the goal of raising 15,000 dollars for new equipment for the health center. For anyone of you who does not realize what that means, let me say it as simple as possible; IT’S HUGE! The main reason that this is such a big accomplishment is because not only did Sherman College raise 15,000 dollars, but three doctors agreed to match whatever Sherman raised, up to 15,000 dollars. Therefore, instead of 15,000 dollars that just became 30,000 dollars. Now do you understand why that is such a “BIG” deal.

With that type of success, one would assume that there is no more surprising news, but there is. Not only is that 30,000 dollars going to help with providing new equipment for the health center but it is going in an endowment fund which means that it will always be there. That is awesome to know that Sherman College is moving in the right direction. They are always looking out for the students and making improvements that allow the students to have the best experience possible.

Even though a lot of credit needs to be given to Sherman, you cannot give ALL the credit to Sherman College. If you ask me, I think everyone who participated in this should get a big THANK YOU. Whether you helped making phone calls, sending emails, donated, or any other contribution, I personally would like to say THANK YOU for all that you did in helping Sherman in reaching its highest possible potential. Without you, Sherman College would not be able to celebrate this success.