Students here at Sherman tend to have all different opinions when coming back from a long break. Some wished it was a bit longer, while others cannot wait to be back to get another quarter behind them. Yet, it seemed most people had the same thought before even arriving on the first day, and that was the new printer in the computer lab.

For the longest time here at Sherman, you did not have to pay to print. Which compared to other colleges was actually really good. Yet, after raising costs and people not staying near the 10 pages per day "limit", the school decided that they are going to now make the students pay for printing. From day one of the quarter to now one continuously hears chattering about this. The bad part is this is not the only thing so many students are upset about. Many of the students are complaining about the fact that not only do they now have to pay for printing (on top of the college tuition/housing/books/etc) but the minimum amount that you can purchase on a card is $20.00 dollars. That amount, to many of the students is a lot of money when they are living check to check.

So the question that fills the air at Sherman is why now? Was it because of the last couple quarters, where over printing was done? A professor that had 30 pages of notes a day that had to be printed? Or is it just a change that has been coming? Well….I guess instead of focusing on the bad, lets look to the good. Now at Sherman College we have one fancy looking printer/copier in the computer lab!