Alumni and friends may have noticed that the Fall 2014 Sherman magazine cover is a bit of a departure from our typical style. Here's what our photographer (and Sherman student) David Choong had to say about his vision for it:

When I was in 2nd quarter, one of the subject that we had to study is chiropractic history. The class was exposed to the trials and hardship of early chiropractors in the lecture. This image was the result of the class. Let me explain the true intent of this image that was created.

The skies, dark and gloomy represent the past and the present struggles of the chiropractic profession. 1959 marked the chiropractic "dark ages", 1960 a book published bonesetting, chiropractic and cultism attacking the one cause one cure theory.

1963 smear campaign by AMA, etc etc… As for the present, issues like holding on to chiropractic's philosophy in practice are becoming a challenge. Its not uncommon to hear where some states wants to implement practices that does not follow the chiropractic principles and ADIO mindset. Therefore, in my imaginative mind these issues are all like dark clouds hovering as they would never be blown away as chiropractic's philosophy will always be challenged externally and internally within its body of practice.

What about the building that is set as the background? This building is also named as the Scallon Building. Mack and Kitty Scallon were ICA's chiropractors of the year 1950. What was their contribution? They were sent to jail for contempt of court as they refused to promise judge they would “desist in the practice of medicine without a license” as they were were practicing chiropractic. Mack was sent to the maximum-security Harts Island penitentiary and Kitty was sent to the NYC Women’s House of Detention. The building itself means standing strong for what chiropractic is and unyielding . I have set the dark clouds over to show the building standing upright and un-wavered despite weathered.

What about the logo or sign that was in the middle of the building? It's an ADIO logo with Sherman College written on it. At the same time, the logo is beaming with light and is bright upon contrast to its surrounding. Hung upon the top forefront of the building signifies that Sherman is a chiropractic school that sticks to the principles and philosophy and it is a beacon.

What about the two man in-front with arms folded with stern look? It portrays that they are serious about defending the chiropractic philosophy, the sacred trust that so many before them has guarded. A trust that is important to the profession and separating chiropractors from the other OIBU practitioners. It does not represent them as who they are, but at what they will do to defend chiropractic or what the school is build upon.

This is my message through the picture… everything in that picture signifies something… I hope i got the message across, I take pride being in Sherman College…