Well, another new quarter is now well under way. With bagelfest for the quarter over, all of the new quarter festivities are done and it is time to settle into the rythm of classes. The nice thing is that with the quarter system each class goes by quickly and it seems that as soon as we feel like the quarter has really started, it is midterm time, and before we know it, finals are here. To someone who hasn't experienced it, the idea of as many as sixteen midterms and finals in eight differend classes all coming at you within a little more than four weeks can certainly seem intimidating, and well, being that this is the first time I've ever really thought about it in those terms, it is intimidating, but somehow we all seem to get through it ok anyway. I would certainly rather do it this way and feel like the time is flying by, rather than a semester or trimester system where things seem to drag on forever. There is just as much pressure on the teachers to keep classes concise and to the point, to teach us the things we need to know for boards without a lot of additional information that we don't really need. I feel like I've just gotten started, but then I look back at what I've done, and I've now been here almost a year and I am amazed at the amount of material that I have learned, and at how much is still to come, but I think it is something to look forward to rather than worry about. This is the reason why my patients will be willing to put their health in my hands, because I will have put in the time to be able to know how to best help them with their lives.