This is what I know…in order to bring Chiroprac-TIC to the world, the world needs more than a stereotyped kind of individual to be its caretaker. It needs individuals that reflect the diversity of the world itself to bring healing to every nook and cranny, every by-way and small town street. There are people waiting in need and they’re not all standing on Main Street with an insurance card in their pocket. 

We need chiropractors that are anxious to go out and find those that need care – chiropractors of every size, shape, ethnicity, religion, belief system, age, and every color of the rainbow. We need committed individuals that are IN LOVE with the message of turning on the power (!) in the nervous system. 

Watching the new First Quarter students performing their skit at Bagel Fest yesterday I was amazed at something – and it wasn’t the surprise ending. :) (So sorry if you missed it!) 

I was so happy to see the audacity, the enthusiasm and excitement in that new crowd of students! It was crazy and wonderful! I saw individuals. I saw amazing interests and backgrounds. I saw power in their commitment. 

Heck ya! We need new students with various degrees and backgrounds – not just pre-med or biology but business, architecture, literature, whatever! We need students from all walks of life to come together for the purpose of empowering the world

It takes every kind of person to step up and take on the responsibility of being a Doctor of Chiropractic. Do you fit the role?  I know I do and I CAN’T WAIT!   

I’m excited for the incoming quarter. Look out world! We’ve got some new ‘TORS in the making! :)