Time….I’m thinking of giving it back to myself as a present! Now play with me on this one…cause maybe I’ve come up with something ….really fabulous….it works like this….now remember this is just the beginning of a whole new outlook…

I wake up early(er) in the morning when it’s still dark and quiet. The cats and dogs and people are still asleep, even the birds. Grass is cold and dewy…no one is yet aware that the morning has started except the stars…

Then…I just lay there with my eyes closed in a warm cozy bed. No one knows but me. I don’t have to get up, I don’t have to shower or take care of anyone or study. I don’t even have to walk the dogs even though that might be the only time I can…. I just lie there peacefully, gratefully and give myself my time BACK for fifteen minutes or so. There’s nothing to do but be happy. Ahhhh, what a wonderful thought. 

The time is mine to take back, to keep. I’m holding it still even if for only a short while. WOW!

LOL, I hear the birds have just awoken. 🙂

Ginny Ginny holding time still.