Whew! It’s been a busy few weeks already! Usually the beginning of a quarter is fairly low key. There’s the first week of syllabus gathering and then “getting your feet wet” in the new classes. Usually it’s a bit later when  things start heating up and the work is on! But, this quarter New Beginnings Philosophy Club decided to begin with a BANG! 

And we sure did! We organized a SPIZZ WEEKEND that started with a Friday night Spectacular hosting Drs. Peter Kevorkian, Daniel Knowles and Liam Schubel, all dedicated Sherman Board members. Philosophy and Spizz Spectacular it was with many students attending!* On Saturday they continued sharing their INVALUABLE (and I truly mean priceless!) knowledge with students by applying it to the subject of practice building.  WOW! No need to go elsewhere for this stuff! 

It was all real, applicable, and wise practice advice from the pros! I did not have the sense that I was being told to dress up and act like someone I was not in order to be successful in practice. No gimmicks, no fluff and no sense that success meant “playing a game and outwitting the public.” Here was wisdom that said, “Yes, be yourself. Yes, stay grounded in the Philosophy. Yes, you can excel and succeed as a chiropractor. And yes, you can be true to Chiropractic Philosophy and to yourself.” Whoo Hoo! That’s what I came to Sherman for!!

It was another affirmation that a practice based on correcting vertebral subluxation was the only way to go in Chiropractic. I was so grateful to have attended and to have had the opportunity here on our own campus!  And that was just the beginning of this busy quarter!   

*Spizz is an abbreviation of the word “Spizzerinctum” that B.J. Palmer coined to refer to the excitement and love of Chiropractic – expressed!