DSCN0025[1]The spring quarter came with a big bang here at Sherman.  Everyone has a new schedule with new classes and almost a week worth done. Therefore, on your first week of class to get out of class early is a big deal, besides when the reason is because of a hailstorm and tornado. Some brave souls decided to challenge Mother Nature and make a run for their car in golf size hail, while the others stood and watched. Before anyone else could try it, there was an announcement that we had to make our way to the tornado shelter. Everyone did as they were told, and we all stood around (some decided they were going to sit being they did not know how long we were going to be here–and why not be comfortable!). DSCN0021[1]Here at Sherman, our President does not exclude himself from the others, instead he stands with the students and listens to the weather report via a cell phone. That right there says a lot about President Schwartzbauer and shows how close knit Sherman College is. Well, after thirty minutes we were all given the choice to leave or stay depending on our own decision (most everyone realized this was going to possibly be the only opportunity so they took it).  All I know is what a way to start 4th quarter with a bang!