Why does someone decide to become a chiropractor? What causes someone to want to commit at least three and a half years of schooling and over 150 thousand dollars in debt to go to Chiropractic school? Does everyone go for the same reason, or is there many reasons that get people enter school.

Working in admissions has enabled me to communicate with future students and the one questions that always crosses my mind is why are you interested in becoming a chiropractor? Some give a very general answer, that they want to help people. And even though that is a very general answer it seems to be a very common answer to future, current, and students that already graduated. Why not go a school to learn something that is going to be able to help so many people?

Yet, is that the only reason that people would want to go to school?? Surprisingly not….another big reason is that they or someone close to them where helped by a chiropractor. And they figured they should repay the favor to someone else. But then the question comes back to are they there because they want to help someone or because they were encouraged by their chiropractor….or BOTH?!

Finally, a reason that I recently heard was because of the money… Sadly enough that is a reason someone would want to become a chiropractor. At that moment I had to sit back and ask myself, how many people who are enrolled or already graduated came for that reason? If that is their reason (and everyone has a right to their own reasons) are they going to make it through school and get out of it the same thing as someone who came for a different reason? Better yet are they even going to make it through school? So the question still arises…what is your reason to why you wanted to become a chiropractor??