Get Recognized In Your Hometown!

Let's Celebrate

Sherman uses the Merit program to publicize student achievements both inside and outside of the classroom. It’s a great way to share the Sherman Pride!

Share Often

And because good news is meant to be shared, students can easily share their new achievements from their Merit profiles with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter. Visit Sherman College’s Merit page:


Personalize Your Own Page

Students can personalize their Merit pages by adding pictures, academic activities, and additional work experience. The result is an online profile they can use for jobs and references after graduation.

How does it work?

  • Students participate in events and activities around campus.
  • The Office of Marketing and Communications receives a list of participating students and writes a short article.
  • The article is published to Merit and sent to each student’s hometown newspaper.
  • Students are notified that they have been awarded a merit badge.
  • Accomplishments can be tweeted or shared on Facebook

Why is this important?

  • Merit helps students share their accomplishments with family and friends.
  • Students’ Merit pages recognize achievements with official college badges that show they’re authentic.
  • Sherman College helps students create a positive online identity for post-graduation success.
  • Students’ Merit pages show how Sherman College prepares students for successful careers as doctors of chiropractic.


Sherman students will receive recognition when they make the dean’s or president’s lists, transition from student to intern in the Health Center, receive scholarships, graduate and achieve other important milestones.

Academic Award

Community Service


Honor List


President's List


Student Government

Questions about the Merit Program?

We are proud of our students and can’t wait to publicize their successes! Contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.