Why Sherman

Why should you choose Sherman for your Chiropractic Education?

Be Engaged

  • Sherman College is a family. Everyone knows your name, even the president.
  • Sherman has a low student-faculty ratio and instructors who will mentor you.
  • Faculty who are experts in their fields of study, and they treat you like a colleague.
  • Hands-on instruction begins in your first quarter of study at Sherman.

Be Prepared

  • Our balanced curriculum offers the knowledge you need in basic science, chiropractic technique and philosophy, and practice management.
  • Our G10 business curriculum teaches you the practical aspects of establishing, operating and growing your practice and helps you develop a game plan for eliminating student loan debt and building prosperity within the first 10 years after graduation.
  • Technique courses comprise 600 hours of classroom instruction, and we offer many additional elective technique courses and seminars.
  • Your 1.5-year internship in the on-campus clinic simulates chiropractic practice.

Gain the Power to Change Lives

  • Sherman’s comprehensive chiropractic education makes you relevant to the future of health care.
  • You’ll join the ranks of fellow Sherman graduates known as “great adjusters” because of the skill and art of chiropractic they deliver to their patients.
  • You’ll be capable of changing people’s lives through the care you provide.
  • You can make an impact on your community and the world.
Dr. Cordero

“Sherman College prepares students with a well-rounded chiropractic education – not only focused on the philosophy, science and art – but enhanced with a commitment to build the entrepreneurial skills graduates will need to succeed in business. Sherman prepares its students to become chiropractors who are compassionate, highly skilled, ethical and successful.”

Edwin Cordero DC

Set Yourself Up for Academic Success