Our Strategic Plan

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Sherman College
Building for Excellence

2020 – 2024 Strategic Plan

Objective 1


Sherman College will recruit, hire and develop a workforce which is self-reflective, team-oriented, collaborative and innovative.


Direct Reports, Faculty Senate, Human Resources, Staff Council

Develop an ongoing professional development program that offers training in skills related to leadership, management, communication and professional expertise.


Human Resources, Institutional Effectiveness, Department Heads

Develop a robust orientation and training program for new employees.


Human Resources, Executive Administration, Employee Representatives

Develop processes and policies that foster an open and honest dialogue among all employees.

Objective 2


Sherman College will recruit, enroll and develop students who are self-motivated, servant-minded leaders who demonstrate respect for the college, the profession and their peers.


Academic Affairs, Enrollment Services/ROAR Advancement & PR, Registrar Student Affairs

Develop a strategic enrollment management plan that positions the college to effectively identify, attract and enroll self-motivated, servant-minded students demonstrating a respect for the college, the community, the profession and their peers.


Academic Affairs, Enrollment Services/ROAR, Student Affairs

Develop a holistic admission process that encompasses the consideration of community service activities, examples of professionalism and preparedness for all aspects of the program.


CSG & Student Clubs, Clinical Sciences, Clinic Operations/Outreach, Institutional Advancement, Leadership Content Expert, Student Affairs

Develop a co-curricular leadership experience to integrate students with their cohort, the college and the profession.

Objective 3


Sherman College will build a community that is locally engaged; professionally active; and loyal to and supportive of the college.


Health Center, Advancement & PR, Student Affairs

Establish the college as a resource by engaging and providing service opportunities, community partnerships and sponsorships in the surrounding region.


Continuing Education, Health Center, Student Affairs

Establish the college as a resource for healthcare knowledge, skills and practices by engaging in and providing service opportunities, professional development and partnerships for the profession, including students and graduates.


Health Center, Human Resources, Advancement & PR

Position the college to strategically partner with individuals, corporations, foundations and the profession to garner financial support that will allow the college to achieve its philanthropic mission and vision for community engagement.

Objective 4


Sherman College will develop an LACVS-centered curriculum that incorporates vitalistic concepts while preparing graduates for practice success leading to financial freedom.


Academic Affairs, Faculty

Develop an evidence-informed, LACVS-centered curriculum that incorporates vitalistic concepts.


Academic Affairs, Faculty

Develop a curriculum that prepares graduates for practice success leading to financial freedom.

Objective 5


Sherman College’s facilities will support its internal and external constituents by garnering community relationships, supporting student learning and enhancing employee engagement.


Academic Affairs, Facilities, Advancement & PR, Student Affairs

Create a promotional plan for the college’s public-use facilities.


Institutional Effectiveness

Design an assessment plan to regularly evaluate the sufficiency of the facility to support campus engagement.