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Who We Are

The Sherman College of Chiropractic Reach Out and Recruit program is designed to mentor and inspire the next generation of chiropractors. These doctors introduce chiropractic as a career and as a natural approach to health to people of all ages. Our goal is to show the next generation that they can make a difference in the lives of others with the chiropractic profession and that that impact will only grow when we lead others to the profession. Our ROAR members span the entire globe and share a love for Sherman and chiropractic!


What We Do

One of the greatest satisfactions in life is helping others fulfill their dreams. Sherman’s ROAR program offers you an opportunity to change students’ lives by mentoring them and introducing them to chiropractic as a career. People are strongly influenced by professionals they know personally. ROAR members recruit students to Sherman College, teach the younger generations about chiropractic and host shadowing opportunities in their office.


Become a ROAR Member at no cost to you. Here’s all you’ll need to know what’s involved!

Training Wheels

Join us for Training Under the Tent at Lyceum where we give you all the tools to be an impactful ROAR member! Enjoy lunch while learning about the best ways to recruit potential students in your community.

Encourage Future Chiropractors

Display career materials in your office and mentor students in your area by offering shadow opportunities and support.

Support Sherman Publicly

We hope you love Sherman College as much as we do! Share Sherman on your social media platforms and share Sherman content to your personal and professional pages.

Be a leader in your community

Reach more people by representing the college at career events and school fairs. We ask that you volunteer for one event each year (we’ll even help you find one!) or refer a student to our admission office.

For more information about ROAR and how you can get involved, contact Alumni Relations and Engagement Coordinator, Hannah Tucker at or by phone at 864-578-8770 ext 343

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Watch the video to learn more about the ROAR program and how to best utilize the resources of the ROAR program.

Student Ambassadors

Become A Student Ambassador

Become a Student Ambassador and we will equip each student ambassador to be well informed and trained to help build relationships and connections within the community by attending health and college fairs or presenting in classrooms in order to share their passion about chiropractic and Sherman College.

For more information please email