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Our Vision

Adjusting the World for a Better Future

Our Mission

The mission of Sherman College of Chiropractic is to educate and prepare students to become doctors of chiropractic focused on the analysis and adjustment of vertebral subluxation.

This mission is based upon the college’s core values and is delivered through activities in the areas of education, research, and service:


Students are taught and learn from the most current knowledge and understanding of the philosophy of chiropractic, in the basic and clinical sciences, the research and science of vertebral subluxation and in the clinical practice of chiropractic so they may perform the professional obligations of a doctor of chiropractic with competency, compassion and integrity.


Faculty members engage in research and scholarly activities that contribute to the body of pedagogical and clinical knowledge which advances chiropractic education and the chiropractic profession.


The college serves the profession by offering continuing education programs to doctors of chiropractic and by participating in professional and educational organizations. The college serves the community by providing quality chiropractic care and partnering with community organizations.

Our Core Values


Integrity and ethical conduct are critical to all aspects of college operations and to maintaining professional relationships with constituents including students, patients, employees, the profession and the public.


The health needs of patients are supreme and central to the doctor of chiropractic program and critical to establishing trust between doctor and patient.


The clinical practice of chiropractic focuses on the location, analysis, and correction of vertebral subluxation.


The college honors its long-held traditions that teach respect for the innate intelligence of the body and the inseparable and synergistic nature of the philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic.


The college community actively seeks and promotes advanced learning and exploration of ideas relative to the college mission in an environment of respect and academic freedom.

Our Institutional Goals


To develop and maintain an accredited professional degree program and the physical plant, faculty, staff and administration capable of fulfilling the mission of the institution.


To prepare students to qualify for chiropractic licensure in U.S. licensing jurisdictions.


To teach the philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic by following our Teaching Principles.

Our Teaching Principles


Developing in all students the knowledge, skills and sense of responsibility to prepare them to serve humanity as doctors of chiropractic who specialize in the location, analysis and adjustment of vertebral subluxation.


Establishing the well-being of the patient as the foundation for all considerations, policies, and decisions.


 Educating students how the philosophy of chiropractic integrates with the contemporary practice of straight chiropractic.


Teaching and further developing the science and art of locating, analyzing and correcting vertebral subluxations. 


Pursuing scientific research concerning the characteristics of the location, analysis and correction of vertebral subluxations, and the characteristics and improvement of chiropractic education. 


Offering a diversified education in the basic sciences to provide students with an understanding of the science of chiropractic and its relationship to human physiology and health. 


Emphasizing communication as a tool to educate patients and the community about the benefits of chiropractic care.


Instilling in students a sense of dedication and responsibility to a high ethical standard of practice toward patients, colleagues, and the community.


Teaching practice management and office procedures applicable to the development of a successful practice. 


Offering continuing education programs for field practitioners.


Accepting and fulfilling all the responsibilities of serving the student, the professional and the public in accordance with the college mission and accreditation standards.



Conducting and supporting activities in service to the profession and community.