Intern of the Month

The Sherman College Health Center faculty recognizes an intern each month who excels in clinical performance. The intern is chosen each month from those enrolled in Clinic 722 through Clinic 810.

Each month a list of candidates will be generated from the Health Center Faculty and records personnel. The information will be reviewed at the first staff meeting of each month. Selection of the intern of the month will be made at that time.

The recipient will be notified by letter from the dean of clinical operations and outreach and will also be announced on the college message board. The recipient will make an appointment to have his/her photograph taken for the Intern of the Month board in the Health Center reception area.

The Intern of the Month may park in the designated parking space in the upper parking lost for the month he/she is named Intern of the Month.


Intern making an adjustment
Christina Howard

Intern of the Month May 2024

Christina is a 12th quarter intern who involved the Network Spinal club and Zeta Phi Chi. When Christina is not talking Chiropractic, She is completing her B.A., grounding and connecting with nature!
Megan Sole

Intern of the Month April 2024

Megan is a 10th-quarter intern from Trenton, MO Megan aspires to open a family practice wherever life takes her. “I know it sounds cheesy, but I truly love my job!”
Francesca Bogiatzis

Intern of the Month March 2024

Francesca is a 13th quarter intern who prides herself in lending a helping hand wherever she goes . Francesca is currently looking to PMOE and associate with an office that focuses on family care.
Lily Quartararo

Intern of the Month February 2024

Lily is an 11th quarter ACE intern and serves as Zeta Phi Chi Chiropractic Sorority President. Lily is from Schuylerville NY and plans to open her own practice in South Western Virginia
Tatiana Bazzani

Intern of the Month January 2024

Tatiana is from Nashua, New Hampshire and after she graduates in June 2024, she is planning to associate in two offices located in Southern New Hampshire.
Efrain Rivera Bonilla

Intern of the Month December 2023

Efrain is a 12th quarter student, and X-Ray Intern from Naranjito, Puerto Rico. He will be graduating in September 2024 and is currently looking for associate opportunities.