Transfer to Sherman College

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Why Transfer to Sherman?

Personal Attention

Laboratory and technique classes are small. You get hands-on instruction from faculty who know your name, care about your success as a student, and look forward to becoming your colleague. Average class size is about 25 students. You will meet students from many different states and countries.

High Success Rate

At Sherman, your success as a student and a future chiropractor is vitally important. Our Title IV default rate is historically less than 4%, which means that our students are able to pay off their loans and practice successfully. This speaks to the quality of the academic program and the investment in your future.

Low Tuition and Cost of Living

Our current quarterly tuition is $8,825 and most students can expect to receive over $3,000 for living expenses. Spartanburg is one of the most beautiful places to live and one of the most affordable. In fact, the cost of living in Spartanburg is approximately 11% below the national average. The Greenville-Spartanburg area of South Carolina is not only beautiful, but the cost of living allows residents to enjoy the many opportunities it provides for recreation, cultural activities, and general family-oriented fun. If a bigger city beckons, Spartanburg is just 1 hour from Charlotte and Asheville, 3 hours from Atlanta, and 4 hours from Myrtle Beach.

Balanced Chiropractic Curriculum

At Sherman, you’ll receive a comprehensive chiropractic education – relevant to health care today, including health care promotion and disease prevention. Sherman College has a unique approach to chiropractic with this vitalistic perspective. Our balanced curriculum offers the knowledge you need in areas like basic science, chiropractic technique and philosophy, and practice management. Your courses will be hands-on from the first quarter, and we’ll prepare you for a smooth transition to chiropractic practice during the 1.5-year clinical internship experience.


  1. The student must have maintained a minimum 2.25-grade point average at the chiropractic or professional college from which transfer is requested.
  2. Transfer course credits must be equivalent to course credits available in the Sherman College curriculum. Each evaluation is conducted on an individual basis, and each class is evaluated for content and hours to be awarded credit.
  3. All transfer courses must have a grade of “C” or better.
  4. Transfer students must meet the admission requirements that were in place at Sherman College at the time the student originally enrolled at the institution from which transfer is being made.
  5. The number of credits allowed for transfer will be consistent with SACSCOC and CCE standards.
  6. Please note: All students are required to complete the entire clinic series (7 quarters) at Sherman College.

How to Transfer

  1. The following documents are required prior to receiving a transfer credit evaluation from Sherman College:
    1. Online application and $50 application fee
    2. Official transcripts from the doctor of chiropractic program attended
    3. Official transcripts from all undergraduate colleges attended
    4. Two letters of recommendation; one preferably from a chiropractor
    5. NBCE scores, if applicable
    6. Please fill out the Student Transfer Form
  2. Upon receipt of proper documentation, the Offices of Admission and Academic Affairs will provide students with an undergraduate transcript evaluation as well as an initial transfer credit evaluation and estimated graduation date.
  3. The Admission Committee will review transfer completed transfer student applications. Accepted students will be provided with a final transfer credit evaluation.