Live Chiropractic Seminars and Workshops

Guided by the institutional objectives, postdoctoral programs and workshops are sponsored and/or coordinated for the purpose of license renewal in most states. These continuing education chiropractic courses are conducted by Sherman College faculty, well-respected chiropractors and extension faculty and held both on and off campus with the same personal attention given to our students. Face-to-face continuing education gives you the chance to interact with the instructor as well as the other professionals in the course, which promotes sharing of knowledge throughout the community.
Chiropractic Seminars & Workshops


DateCourse TitleCECityWebsite

October 2017

Oct 20-22New Beginnings Seminar12Iselin,
Oct 20-22Dr. Wood Seminar #516Marietta,
Oct 27-29Dr. Wood Gonstead Seminars – Seminar #618Daytona Beach,
Oct 20-22Koren Specific Technique16Denver,
Oct 20-21Atlas Orthogonal Advanced Seminar12Atlanta,
Oct 28 CSN Delaware Chiropractic Society Fall 201712Wilmington,

November 2017

Nov 3-5Koren Specific Technique16Philadelphia,
Nov 3-5Dr. Wood Seminars
Nov 4-5Florida Chiropractic Society21St. Petersburg,
Nov 4-5Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association4Williamsburg,
Nov 5-7 D.N.F.T. 3 Day13Orlando,
Nov 10-11Total Integrative Correction Technique (T.I.C.)12Spartanburg,
Nov 10-12Network Spinal Analysis-Level 3 Awaken Care16Denver,
Nov 11Upper Cervical Revolution-Module 18Nashville,
Nov 11Knee Chest Society Mod 3 10Charlotte,
Nov 12Upper Cervical Revolution Module 28Nashville,
Nov 11-12CCPA Master Class12Orlando,
Nov 11-12Atlas Orthogonal Advanced Seminar13Seattle,
Nov 17-18KCUCS12Atlanta,
Nov 17-18Pierce Results Basic Track12East Greenbush, New
Nov 17-19Koren Specific Technique16Seattle,
Nov 17-19Dr. Wood Gonstead Seminars – Seminar #516Spartanburg,
Nov 18-19FSC-Bonita Springs21Bonita Springs,

December 2017

Dec 1-3Dr. Wood Gonstead Seminars – Seminar #516Spartanburg,
Dec 2-3Tonal Integrative Correction (T.I.C.) Technique 201712Brantford,
Dec 2-3Principles 2 Adjusting15Doylestown, PACall 215-431-5433 to register
Dec 8-10Dr. Wood Gonstead Seminars – Seminar #218Davenport,

January 2018

Jan 12-14Dr. Wood Gonstead Seminars – Seminar #618Spartanburg,
Jan 19-21Dr. Wood Gonstead Seminars – Seminar #618Spartanburg,
Jan 26-28Dr. Wood Seminars #218Hayward,
Jan 26-28NS Transform Care Seminar20Burlingame, CAwww.wiseworldseminars/seminars/nsa/level-two-seminar
Jan 27-28ND Discover Care Seminar16Atlanta,

February 2018

Feb 2-4Dr. Wood Gonstead Seminars – Seminar #316Davenport,
Feb 2-4NS Transform Care Seminar20Gatineau, Canadawww.wiseworldseminars/seminars/nsa/level-two-seminar
Feb 9-11Dr. Wood Seminars #116Daytona Beach,

March 2018

March 3-4AO-BCAO Module 113Atlanta,
 March 9-11Dr. Wood Seminar #218Daytona Beach,
March 23-25Dr. Wood Seminar #316Hayward,

April 2018

Apr 6-8Dr. Wood Gonstead Seminars – Seminar #418Davenport,

May 2018

May 4-6Dr. Wood Seminars #316Daytona Beach,
May 18-20Dr. Wood Seminars #418Hayward,
May 24-26AutismOne24Lombard,

June 2018

Jun 1-3Dr. Wood Gonstead Seminars – Seminar #516Davenport,
Jun 8-10Dr. Wood Seminars #418Daytona Beach,
June 19-20AO-BCAO Module 211Atlanta,

July 2018

Jul 21-22AO-BCAO Module 311Atlanta,
Jul 27-29Dr. Wood Gonstead Seminars – Seminar #618Davenport,

August 2018

Aug 18-19AO-BCAO Module 413Atlanta,