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Hummingbird Sighting!

Yes! ‘Tis true! This morning, as it was cooler after the evening rain and before I got busy getting ready to go, I decided to take my cup of coffee out to the front porch. Lo and behold there was a Hummer pausing in mid air over my purple Morning Glories! :)  Well, its’ little wings were quite busy so pausing is perhaps not the right word for such aerobatics. 


I reflected upon yesterdays’ happenings. Yesterday was a big day for eighth quarter students. Many of us received / chose our “reciprocals.” A reciprocal is what we call the very first person we are allowed to adjust in Pre-Clinic. It’s an exciting time for us to be sure!

We must complete a Case History, Physical Exam and a few other steps before the first adjustment may occur. Actually my son in ninth quarter performed his first adjustment today with his reciprocal. So, LOL, I guess it may take me a little while to actually get to that point. But that’s quite all right. I can wait because, I’m soooo close!

In eighth quarter we are polishing up our techniques and getting ready to take the Entrance Exam for Clinic. At this point, the classes all blend together and I’m not sure where one begins and another ends. I think that’s because we are now integrating all that we have learned and truly becoming “ONE” with them all. Practice time is nearly over – Game Time about to begin!!!!

When I step out into the cool evening tonight I will be thinking about how quickly this time will go for me and how much has been accomplished. Up north in Maine we don’t see Hummers very often and certainly don’t see Blue Birds. It will be hard to part with them both. But for now I need not let them go. Sometimes I wonder if the South will actually capture me… and never let me go. The world is different here; vivacious and beautiful! Each morning and evening brings amazing sights and the completion of the day brings amazing accomplishments!


What’s Your Reason?…

Why does someone decide to become a chiropractor? What causes someone to want to commit at least three and a half years of schooling and over 150 thousand dollars in debt to go to Chiropractic school? Does everyone go for the same reason, or is there many reasons that get people enter school.

Working in admissions has enabled me to communicate with future students and the one questions that always crosses my mind is why are you interested in becoming a chiropractor? Some give a very general answer, that they want to help people. And even though that is a very general answer it seems to be a very common answer to future, current, and students that already graduated. Why not go a school to learn something that is going to be able to help so many people?

Yet, is that the only reason that people would want to go to school?? Surprisingly not….another big reason is that they or someone close to them where helped by a chiropractor. And they figured they should repay the favor to someone else. But then the question comes back to are they there because they want to help someone or because they were encouraged by their chiropractor….or BOTH?!

Finally, a reason that I recently heard was because of the money… Sadly enough that is a reason someone would want to become a chiropractor. At that moment I had to sit back and ask myself, how many people who are enrolled or already graduated came for that reason? If that is their reason (and everyone has a right to their own reasons) are they going to make it through school and get out of it the same thing as someone who came for a different reason? Better yet are they even going to make it through school? So the question still arises…what is your reason to why you wanted to become a chiropractor??


The Goal

Hello ya’ll! I’ve been pretty busy lately. But then I think I like life that way. I wouldn’t be here at Sherman if I felt otherwise. :)  So much to do, so little time!

With so many competing needs that must be met along the way it is quite easy to become distracted. Becoming distracted is something that I (we) cannot afford as a chiropractic student(s) because it seems the world is waiting for what I (we) have to offer.

And so, realizing this, there are times I must admit that I feel I am “willing” myself to go onward perhaps before I feel ready. That’s when the “No Pain, No Gain” theory comes into play. I do believe that big goals require big (gigantic) efforts! I haven’t seen a great accomplishment met yet – without great effort. History can prove that quite easily.

This caught my eye today and I thought I’d pass it on:


What is your #1 goal for the next six months? 

Number one for me is to – Press Onward! Keep the pedal to the metal! It is no small task to choose each day to accomplish what we, as chiropractic students, are required to accomplish. But that’s just my opinion. The goal is the key! With the goal in mind and a good deal of focus that finish line comes near!

And I’m getting close to that finish line! So my goal is to Keep On, Keepin’ On! 


Tempers are RAISING…..

Students here at Sherman tend to have all different opinions when coming back from a long break. Some wished it was a bit longer, while others cannot wait to be back to get another quarter behind them. Yet, it seemed most people had the same thought before even arriving on the first day, and that was the new printer in the computer lab.

For the longest time here at Sherman, you did not have to pay to print. Which compared to other colleges was actually really good. Yet, after raising costs and people not staying near the 10 pages per day "limit", the school decided that they are going to now make the students pay for printing. From day one of the quarter to now one continuously hears chattering about this. The bad part is this is not the only thing so many students are upset about. Many of the students are complaining about the fact that not only do they now have to pay for printing (on top of the college tuition/housing/books/etc) but the minimum amount that you can purchase on a card is $20.00 dollars. That amount, to many of the students is a lot of money when they are living check to check.

So the question that fills the air at Sherman is why now? Was it because of the last couple quarters, where over printing was done? A professor that had 30 pages of notes a day that had to be printed? Or is it just a change that has been coming? Well….I guess instead of focusing on the bad, lets look to the good. Now at Sherman College we have one fancy looking printer/copier in the computer lab!




Summer at Sherman

Summer is officially here. Don't get me wrong, it's been incredibly hot now for several months, but yesterday was fun day, which officially kicks off the summer quarter here at Sherman. It has also marked one year since I had the opportunity to perform in my own Bagelfest skit. Now we get to settle into the dog days of summer with scorching heat when we step out the door, and classrooms that require sweatshirts. However, during this quarter the school seems to take on a slower, and lazier personality that I welcome for a few months. Chris

Sports at Sherman College

With the new quarter started and summer well under way, sports at Sherman College are beginning to take hold on many of the student body. For those who don't know, we now have a new field, and rugby will be played again at Sherman College for the first time since the mid 80's. None of us seem to know where it came from or how it became so big so fast, but it's become a big deal here and the first games will begin this fall.

For many other students who would like to spend a late October weekend excused from school and hanging out in sunny Florida, the teams for Chiro Games are beginning to organize. Though not funded like rugby, it is a chance for students to play other sports, have a great time, and enjoy a weekend in Florida playing against other chiropractic schools. As of right now I know that we will be sending beach volleyball, and a basketball team is currently being organized, but there are also opportunities for golf, cross-country, flag football (we sent a team last year), soccer, softball, and other sports.

For any students that have any interest in going this year, the athletic club can help to make the arrangements. We decided last year that we need to get more of the student body to go to Chiro Games this year so that the school will just cancel classes for that Friday and Monday, instead of just letting us be excused. So gather up friends, make some teams, and let's represent our school this fall.


The Three Legged Stool

For anyone who does not know what the three legged stool is I will quickly explain it. In our education here at Sherman, we are taught to look at Chiropractic with the mind set of three factors being extremely important in the practice of Chiropractic. The three components include science, art, and philosophy. Yet, which one is the most important? Something similar to this came up in one of my classes and got me thinking. Do you need all three or can one be left out?

In my personal opinion, I believe that you need all three. Without one you are missing a crucial characteristic of Chiropractic. You need to have science in order to justify what you are doing and understand that what you do works (it helps when you have the science to back it up). You also need to have a philosophy in order to know that not only do you need to adjust someone but why you are adjusting in a certain place (focus and drive on subluxation). Finally, one needs to have an art in order to be different. So to me it makes sense that all three are extremely important, and you cannot have one without the other. Yet, if someone did not have the same education as Sherman what do they believe? Can Chiropractic as a profession continue to survive without all three of these actively present? WHAT DO YOU THINK??


Adjust It And Trust It

B.J. Palmer had a way of saying things. He said so many things concisely and powerfully. Here is one of B.J.’s quotes that we, at Sherman, consider seriously.

It has rather profound meaning. What it means is that after all the serious anatomical, scientific study that a chiropractic student / doctor attends to, after the serious and intense practice of the art of the delivery of the adjustment, one must philosophically trust that the innate wisdom of the human body is aware of just where that misaligned vertebrae must reside for health and ease. 

It’s kinda like this: we do our part and innate intelligence does its part. The universe of the human body knows how to function, when and where all its parts are best fitted. We, as chiropractors, provide the force to move the bone back into its proper place. (Subluxation occurs with trauma.) The wisdom of the body receives the correcting force and places the bone appropriately. 

How does the body do this? The answer lies in how the sun knows when to rise in the morning and how a plant knows to grow towards the light. It is part of the mystery of the universe. And…it’s our part to do our part and trust universal intelligence. After all, there is no need to worry whether the sun will come up in the morning, and whether the plants know how to grow.


Summer Quarter 2012!

Ahhh! We’re back, and it’s good to be back!

I’ve noticed that many of the people in and around my quarter are pleasantly relaxed and happy. Could it be that most are now Pre-Clinic, Student-Clinic and Clinic of the many that began when I did? I kinda think so. There seems to be a relief of having survived many of the previous courses and optimism toward the future. 

There are again new faces in the crowd. I love to see the excitement and pure joy in their eyes as they contemplate their futures in chiropractic. 

“What is subluxation?”  I’ve heard. 
“When do I get my intern and when can I get checked?”
“What is the philosophy all about?” 
And as always… “What brought you to chiropractic and Sherman?” 

The stories are varied and unique and in my opinion very important. It’s important to know why you’ve come because, at Sherman, many of us are on a personal mission – bringing chiropractic to the world! The personal vision is always inspiring. 

The “Upper Quarters” are always happy to encourage the new students, and we all look forward to BagelFest. If you don’t know what BagelFest is, it’s the Sherman way of initiating new students. Completely harmless, it involves bagels, cream cheese, doughnuts, coffee and fruit, loud singing, costumes and lots of boo-ing, all in good fun. 🙂

Happy Bagel-Fester

The summer glow will continue for a while probably at least until midterms. That’s a good long while in my opinion. We’re gonna enjoy the slower pace of the beginning of the quarter, new and old friends, the sun and the joy of sharing chiropractic.


Here we go!

We're back from the break, and it could not have been better. This was my first summer break since I have been here, and as the longest break of the year it was extremely nice to get almost a month off. I was able to take my kids camping where they made friends with a box turtle wandering through camp, and was able to enjoy a lot of time with them and my wife. I caught up on a lot of sleep and got to have fun with friends that have almost forgotten who I am over the last year.

But maybe the best part of the break is that I'm now rested, reenergized and ready to start into my second year here at Sherman College. Fifth quarter is turning out to be heavy in number of classes, but not as difficult in the classes as fourth quarter. The other nice element of fifth quarter is we now seem to be transitioning into a little more of the chiropractic classes and a little less of the basic sciences which also certainly helps me to get more excited about school. Now I just hope that year number two goes by just as fast as year number one did.