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D.D. Palmer and Magnetic Healing

DDPalmerSome interesting information about D.D. Palmer for those wondering what kind of Magnetic Healing he performed before he discovered Chiropractic.

This is from “History In The Making” p. 14

“8.  He placed one hand OVER the liver (for example), other hand UNDER    back, UNDER LIVER.

9.   Both hands remained stationary.

10.  Flowing his MAGNETIC STRENGTH from positive hand TO negative      hand; flowing MAGNETISM from HIS body INTO AND THRU LIVER.

11.  His “magnetic treatments” consisted of patient lying on couch, back  down-he sitting along-side, with hands resting above and below, in 15-minute periods, flowing HIS magnetism for that period.

12.  His fee for 15 minutes was $1.00,  always cash.”

The book goes on to explain how he went from this healing process to discover chiropractic. An interesting read!


NJ Bound

I know several other students have already posted about New Beginnings, but I would like to add my experience as well. I would like to thank Dr. Peter Kevorkian and the Board for provided transportation. Is was nice to be able to study on the bus as well as not have to worry about speeding tickets trying to get to NJ. I enjoyed meeting the big wigs of chiropractic and spending time with my fellow students.

For those of you that don't know chiropractic has an interesting history in the past 100+years. From DD Palmer thinking he found the cure for deafness, to doctors being put in jail for practicing medicine without a license. Now I have the right to practice just about anywhere. I am grateful for the people who have gone before me to make this possible. One of my favorite sessions during the event was when 6 of the most influential women in chiropractic where all on stage together. (Patsy Sigafoose, Barbara Dubel, Irene Gold, Ruth Ribley, Sue DeMarco, and Rose Panico) I also had the opportunity to meet Dr. Strauss, the writer of several chiropractic textbooks. These people are not going to be around forever, and to have the opportunity to meet then and ask questions is an honor. I am grateful that they continue to donate their time to students. 

I also enjoyed meet a couple of guys from Northwestern during a doctor round table.I know we talk about philosophy a lot at Sherman, but I could not image a school that does not talk about philosophy at all. These guys have just started a philosophy club at Northwestern. I give you guys the utmost respect for being the light on your campus. Some other fun memories include the bon fire on the beach, as well as playing pool with fellow class mates. I hope everyone will take advantage of the opportunity to attend New Beginnings as a student! 


Apr 29, 2013

Apr 29, 2013

New Beginnings Philosophy Weekend

On April 19-21st I had the pleasure of going to “the Mecca” of principled chiropractic. Alright I am exaggerating. I went to the New Beginnings philosophy weekend in Long Beach, NJ. Now some of you are thinking, Hey you are located in South Carolina. Why are you going to Jersey? Well, it was for the speakers and the chance to get fired up about my profession. There was also a bus headed up North which made travel incredibly easy. (A special thanks to the Sherman Board of Trustees for taking on the financial burden of getting everyone to NJ.)

The weekend was a lot of fun. I heard speakers like Sam Selimo, Mike Warner, Tony DeMarco, Peter Morgan, Shane Walker, Bob Tarantino, and Irene Gold. I also got to hear from many of the leaders at Sherman including Peter Kevorkian, Liam Schubel, and President Edwin Cordero to name a few.

New Beginning 257


 ( I am sorry I can't organize the pictures any better. This program is terrible for orrienting pictures)





Each doctor had their own speech which hit on the importance of focusing on subluxation removal primarily and presenting symptoms secondarily. I would also say there was a congruent message of keeping prescription of pharmaceuticals out of our profession. Another highlight was the need to praise the intelligence that maintains the health in the body.

   New Beginning 223 New Beginning 388 New Beginning 360 














  New Beginning 362    New Beginning 373


I also managed to have some fun. The last night, there was a bonfire on the beach as well as a Beatles cover band playing inside the hotel. These events were a good opportunity to meet students from the other chiropractic schools. We also had access to pools/hot tub.
















There was also a chance to network with Doctors. We had a student lunch session where we rotated through several doctors as an open panel. They were willing to answer any questions about philosophy, practice building, personal or whatever you wanted to talk about for 5 minutes. (I think there was a 10 doctor rotation but for a more accurate recalling of the small details you should also check out Melinda’s blog)




I was also able to show off my Toggle skills. Apparently no other schools teach this technique.


There were far too many details to say in this blog but let me summarize by saying everyone interested in Chiropractic should go to one of these events to hear, learn, and grow. Even if you don’t think the weekend is fun, you can at least make an informed opinion on ChirorpacTIC.


The 7-Day Back Pain Cure

I came across a website which was advertising a book called The 7-Day Back Pain Cure. As an astute student of chiropractic I thought I should look into this. If there is a quick way to help patients that are having acute pain, I should definitely be aware as well as look into the possibility of applying these principles in my future practice.

Here was the link: http://www.losethebackpain.com/7daybackpaincure.html?utm_source=infusionsoft&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=7DayBackPainCure

I was greeted by a nice video advertising a free copy of the book.












So I listened to the presentation: apparently he has helped patients with a multitude of symptoms like sciatica, herniated discs, thoracic outlet syndrome….. It was like 20 items long. I was feeling a bit skeptical at this point but also curious. I know Chiropractic can work with the body to help with these symptoms as well, but it is helping the body heal through removal of subluxation and in-coordination. I was wondering what magic Jesse Cannone had up his sleeve.

So I turned to the web again to read some reviews and was a little disappointed. Here let me show you a quote from a review:

“In fact, I would recommend this book even if you do not suffer from back pain or pain of any kind.  Why?  Well, quite simply, because Jesse Cannone goes deeper than the pain to the root cause of your discomfort.  He has realized what many other doctors and therapists have not: back pain is a symptom of ill health.” Sukie Baxter Posture & Movement Therapy


Some may be thinking this sounds awesome. The last statement is quite profound. “…back pain is a symptom of ill health.” It is like the wisdom you would expect from a Chinese monk. However, this has been common knowledge to many healing arts and philosophies including chiropractic since the beginning of time. I would say only Western medicine appears to ignore the whole health for the function of the individual parts.

His explanation of back pain is similarly summarized by Stevenson’s Chiropractic principles

Principle 30: Interference with the transmission of Innate Forces causes In-coordination and Dis-Ease.

Principle 23: The function of Innate Intelligence is to adapt Universal Forces and Matter for use in the body, so that all parts of the body will have coordinated action for mutual benefit

Cannone's short autobiography states he visited many doctors (including chiropractors) prior to writting the book since he had an injury himself. He found muscle work helped him. I find myself disappointed with the chiropractors that originally worked on him. The chiropractors should have taught him about the subluxation.

I haven’t read his book, but I would imagine it is silent on the issue of subluxation. He most likely addresses the issue of sciatica and herniation through discussing pinched nerves, but won’t highlight the importance of working with the body through subluxation removal. By addressing stress and diet he has referenced 2 out of 3 common causes of subluxation: thoughts, traumas, and toxins. 

That is why there is a need for principled chiropractors who actually care enough to spend time with their patients. This book is a great resource for those with back pain, but it won’t address the issue of subluxation. He attributes most problems to a muscle imbalance. Muscle cause real imbalances, but regardless the body won’t function at 100% until one is checked for subluxation.


Oh by the way. I found a PDF copy of The 7-Day Back Pain Cure. Enjoy and get checked by a Doctor of Chiropractor regardless.


Another side to the Sherman Family

While I was talking with some Sherman friends this weekend, I had an interesting revelation. The Sherman family not only adopts all who walk through the "hallowed-halls" of the Scallon building, but it also has the ability to absorb your friendships to a certain extent. This realization came about when I was commenting on friendships with two 8th quarter students. One said that their friends were all Sherman students now. The other student agreed. I was surprised. I am a younger Sherman student so my friends in Michigan are still in the same undergraduate program that I left behind. Therefore, I still feel the influence of friends going as far back as high school. It is crazy to think that after a time I will adapt to mostly Sherman peers/friends.

Maybe this was a special circumstance, but the more I think about relationships, the more I realize they are about time spent together.  I believe if you spend a lot of time with someone, you will be friendlier with them almost regardless of how you actually feel about them. Some friendships are truly genuine and others are simply friendships of convenience.

So starting today, I am going to call some old friends and begin to be more intentional about cultivating lasting friendships. After all, cultivation implies a stake in the game and a dedication to working hard. That is what friendship is about; a commitment. I hope to make some of the best relationships ever while at Sherman since we are a family. I also hope to keep other relationships strong over a distance. I hope others will join me and call an old friend they haven’t talked to in a while.


D.C.s: Refer Students to One of the Nation’s Best Jobs – and to Sherman!

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Proud to be part of The Pride!

I just returned from New Beginnings this past weekend, and I have to tell you I am proud to be a part of the Sherman Pride. (I will tell you more about new beginnings in a later post.) Dr. Cordero has told us “things are happening at Sherman,” or “Sherman is creating a buzz in the chiropractic community.” My initial response was skepticism. I am in class Monday through Friday 8-5. How do I know if there is truth behind his statements or not? But this past weekend I had the opportunity to be involved in an event outside of Sherman for chiropractors and see just what he was talking about. 

You don’t have to take my word for it. I encourage students to get involved. Go to New Beginnings, Dynamic Essential, and Lyceum. Each event adds to your education. Chiropractic education does not happen just in the classroom. I am proud to be part of a school that understands there is more than just textbook knowledge needed to be a successful chiropractor. Part of being a good chiropractor is having a firm understanding of what you believe. New Beginnings challenged my beliefs. I encourage students to go to these events with an open mind. You will not agree with every word that comes out of every person’s mouth, but that is how you challenge your own thinking and grow. 

The chiropractic profession is my future! And what happens to that profession depends on you and me. One DC made a great point. It is ok be in involved in IFCO and ICA. You don’t have to pick one or the other. Be involved in both and you get 2 votes for the future of our profession! 


! There And Back Again !


YES! I was on the Magic Bus that went from Sherman College to New Beginnings in New Jersey thanks to our generous Board of Trustees. My daughter and I had front row seats all the way (that’s why you can’t see us).

It was a terrific trip with lots of good people! Students from both Life University and Sherman College came together, and the conference was fabulous!!!

New Beginnings strengthened me where I needed strengthening. I met people magically that were good for me to know and I was able to return favors by nurturing prospective students on the path to chiropractic. Questions that I needed answering for my future practice were answered. Inspiration was gathered, and I found myself happy to be among like-minded people.

At New Beginnings, I was rejuvenated and returned to my truest self! It was awesome!!! Hope you all take out of your busy schedule to go to the next New Beginnings in … October!


Spring is here!

One of the best things about living in the South is the fact that we experience all 4 seasons.  I love each season for a different reason, and could not imagine a year without snow in the winter, green grass and flowers in the spring, hot summer days by the lake in summer, and the beauty of fall colors. 

This week Spring has arrived in Spartanburg.  The picture below is the view from the student parking lot.  Clear blue skies with clouds that look like soft pillows, soft green grass that calls you to go barefoot and cherry blossoms in full bloom; all which make it hard to walk inside and hit the books.  We had a windy day last week that made the cheery blossoms fall like snow. 

Spring is the long awaited relief after a cold winter.  (I know cold winter in the south is laughable to those of you from the north, but it does get cold and we do have snow here even if it is only for a few days a year.)  Spring always comes when I just don’t think I can take one more day of cold weather. It offers me a renewed spirit.  I also think of the song lyrics by the Byrds taken from Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To everything turn, turn, turn.  There is a season, turn, turn, turn, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”



PS I had the opportunity to experience the full warmth of spring this last weekend.   I will now be sporting a sun burn around campus!! 

A Bible Belt Perspective

I would imagine most people known that South Carolina is located in the Bible Belt. This term is used to describe many southern states which are known to have a large population with a religious affiliation, specifically some type of Christian association. This can be seen in the number of churches that one passes on the way to church. I have 3 churches within what I would consider walking distance and maybe 7+ within a two mile radius.

So, I have been trying different churches in the area to find where I fit in. Sadly, there are no Christian Reformed churches in the area. The denomination has its roots in Dutch tradition, so this doesn’t surprise me after all I haven’t met any VanderWals or VanderSlutes or Vander anything else while being down here (My home Church website). However, I have seen many different denominations represented while being here. I know of three catholic churches. I passed a Greek orthodox and Presbyterian while going down town Spartanburg. There is a Baptist church every block or so. I am also located next to a Nazarene church. Those are just the ones I have noticed while driving around. There is an uncountable amount that you could find via Google, which would range in size and beliefs.  

I think that is a great feature to Southern culture. It reminds me of home. West Michigan is known for having churches within a block, which basically believe the same things. I have talked to many that think this shows Christians to be a stubborn bunch that can’t agree on anything. I personally disagree. I don’t think any one person other than Jesus Christ can know exactly what God desires in our personal faith walk. So, each congregation has to do their best to interpret what the Word tells them. I believe logically, this is what leads to different styles of worship, preaching, mission, giving, beliefs about minute details of the Bible, and giving of the sacraments.

It is this way with any religion or philosophy. Another example is chiropractic philosophy. There can be two students in a philosophy class who both agree on what is a subluxation, but then vibrantly disagree on whether to give nutrition advice to their future patients. To an outsider, these students would sound crazy, but philosophy is important to everyone in all areas of their lives and people are sensative.

Have you ever been told you are judgmental, proceeded to deny this, while at the same time judging the person that told you that? I use this example since I believe everyone is very sensitive and hostile in protecting their beliefs even if they are silly or unproven. And I think this is alright and even can be good.

If we tried to prove everything we believe in by inductive and deductive reason, we would never live the very lives we were trying to defend. I believe that is the reason why we listen, read, think and grow. So, back to my original comment about the many churches I pass on the way to church. Even though they believe very similar things, each congregation has a different style, and it is great that they all exist. Through these individual churches, the Church of Christ is being expressed every time people gather in those buildings. I think that is the beauty and wonder Paul was talking in I Corinthians 12: 26-27

26 If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.

27 Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it (NIV).