D.D. Palmer and Magnetic Healing

DDPalmerSome interesting information about D.D. Palmer for those wondering what kind of Magnetic Healing he performed before he discovered Chiropractic.

This is from “History In The Making” p. 14

“8.  He placed one hand OVER the liver (for example), other hand UNDER    back, UNDER LIVER.

9.   Both hands remained stationary.

10.  Flowing his MAGNETIC STRENGTH from positive hand TO negative      hand; flowing MAGNETISM from HIS body INTO AND THRU LIVER.

11.  His “magnetic treatments” consisted of patient lying on couch, back  down-he sitting along-side, with hands resting above and below, in 15-minute periods, flowing HIS magnetism for that period.

12.  His fee for 15 minutes was $1.00,  always cash.”

The book goes on to explain how he went from this healing process to discover chiropractic. An interesting read!


NJ Bound

I know several other students have already posted about New Beginnings, but I would like to add my experience as well. I would like to thank Dr. Peter Kevorkian and the Board for provided transportation. Is was nice to be able to study on the bus as well as not have to worry about speeding tickets trying to get to NJ. I enjoyed meeting the big wigs of chiropractic and spending time with my fellow students.

For those of you that don't know chiropractic has an interesting history in the past 100+years. From DD Palmer thinking he found the cure for deafness, to doctors being put in jail for practicing medicine without a license. Now I have the right to practice just about anywhere. I am grateful for the people who have gone before me to make this possible. One of my favorite sessions during the event was when 6 of the most influential women in chiropractic where all on stage together. (Patsy Sigafoose, Barbara Dubel, Irene Gold, Ruth Ribley, Sue DeMarco, and Rose Panico) I also had the opportunity to meet Dr. Strauss, the writer of several chiropractic textbooks. These people are not going to be around forever, and to have the opportunity to meet then and ask questions is an honor. I am grateful that they continue to donate their time to students. 

I also enjoyed meet a couple of guys from Northwestern during a doctor round table.I know we talk about philosophy a lot at Sherman, but I could not image a school that does not talk about philosophy at all. These guys have just started a philosophy club at Northwestern. I give you guys the utmost respect for being the light on your campus. Some other fun memories include the bon fire on the beach, as well as playing pool with fellow class mates. I hope everyone will take advantage of the opportunity to attend New Beginnings as a student! 


Apr 29, 2013

Apr 29, 2013

New Beginnings Philosophy Weekend

On April 19-21st I had the pleasure of going to “the Mecca” of principled chiropractic. Alright I am exaggerating. I went to the New Beginnings philosophy weekend in Long Beach, NJ. Now some of you are thinking, Hey you are located in South Carolina. Why are you going to Jersey? Well, it was for the speakers and the chance to get fired up about my profession. There was also a bus headed up North which made travel incredibly easy. (A special thanks to the Sherman Board of Trustees for taking on the financial burden of getting everyone to NJ.)

The weekend was a lot of fun. I heard speakers like Sam Selimo, Mike Warner, Tony DeMarco, Peter Morgan, Shane Walker, Bob Tarantino, and Irene Gold. I also got to hear from many of the leaders at Sherman including Peter Kevorkian, Liam Schubel, and President Edwin Cordero to name a few.

New Beginning 257


 ( I am sorry I can't organize the pictures any better. This program is terrible for orrienting pictures)





Each doctor had their own speech which hit on the importance of focusing on subluxation removal primarily and presenting symptoms secondarily. I would also say there was a congruent message of keeping prescription of pharmaceuticals out of our profession. Another highlight was the need to praise the intelligence that maintains the health in the body.

   New Beginning 223 New Beginning 388 New Beginning 360 














  New Beginning 362    New Beginning 373


I also managed to have some fun. The last night, there was a bonfire on the beach as well as a Beatles cover band playing inside the hotel. These events were a good opportunity to meet students from the other chiropractic schools. We also had access to pools/hot tub.
















There was also a chance to network with Doctors. We had a student lunch session where we rotated through several doctors as an open panel. They were willing to answer any questions about philosophy, practice building, personal or whatever you wanted to talk about for 5 minutes. (I think there was a 10 doctor rotation but for a more accurate recalling of the small details you should also check out Melinda’s blog)




I was also able to show off my Toggle skills. Apparently no other schools teach this technique.


There were far too many details to say in this blog but let me summarize by saying everyone interested in Chiropractic should go to one of these events to hear, learn, and grow. Even if you don’t think the weekend is fun, you can at least make an informed opinion on ChirorpacTIC.


The 7-Day Back Pain Cure

I came across a website which was advertising a book called The 7-Day Back Pain Cure. As an astute student of chiropractic I thought I should look into this. If there is a quick way to help patients that are having acute pain, I should definitely be aware as well as look into the possibility of applying these principles in my future practice.

Here was the link: http://www.losethebackpain.com/7daybackpaincure.html?utm_source=infusionsoft&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=7DayBackPainCure

I was greeted by a nice video advertising a free copy of the book.












So I listened to the presentation: apparently he has helped patients with a multitude of symptoms like sciatica, herniated discs, thoracic outlet syndrome….. It was like 20 items long. I was feeling a bit skeptical at this point but also curious. I know Chiropractic can work with the body to help with these symptoms as well, but it is helping the body heal through removal of subluxation and in-coordination. I was wondering what magic Jesse Cannone had up his sleeve.

So I turned to the web again to read some reviews and was a little disappointed. Here let me show you a quote from a review:

“In fact, I would recommend this book even if you do not suffer from back pain or pain of any kind.  Why?  Well, quite simply, because Jesse Cannone goes deeper than the pain to the root cause of your discomfort.  He has realized what many other doctors and therapists have not: back pain is a symptom of ill health.” Sukie Baxter Posture & Movement Therapy


Some may be thinking this sounds awesome. The last statement is quite profound. “…back pain is a symptom of ill health.” It is like the wisdom you would expect from a Chinese monk. However, this has been common knowledge to many healing arts and philosophies including chiropractic since the beginning of time. I would say only Western medicine appears to ignore the whole health for the function of the individual parts.

His explanation of back pain is similarly summarized by Stevenson’s Chiropractic principles

Principle 30: Interference with the transmission of Innate Forces causes In-coordination and Dis-Ease.

Principle 23: The function of Innate Intelligence is to adapt Universal Forces and Matter for use in the body, so that all parts of the body will have coordinated action for mutual benefit

Cannone's short autobiography states he visited many doctors (including chiropractors) prior to writting the book since he had an injury himself. He found muscle work helped him. I find myself disappointed with the chiropractors that originally worked on him. The chiropractors should have taught him about the subluxation.

I haven’t read his book, but I would imagine it is silent on the issue of subluxation. He most likely addresses the issue of sciatica and herniation through discussing pinched nerves, but won’t highlight the importance of working with the body through subluxation removal. By addressing stress and diet he has referenced 2 out of 3 common causes of subluxation: thoughts, traumas, and toxins. 

That is why there is a need for principled chiropractors who actually care enough to spend time with their patients. This book is a great resource for those with back pain, but it won’t address the issue of subluxation. He attributes most problems to a muscle imbalance. Muscle cause real imbalances, but regardless the body won’t function at 100% until one is checked for subluxation.


Oh by the way. I found a PDF copy of The 7-Day Back Pain Cure. Enjoy and get checked by a Doctor of Chiropractor regardless.


D.C.s: Refer Students to One of the Nation’s Best Jobs – and to Sherman!

Girlspine_1148 V2Did you know
that chiropractic was recently named the 11th
best job
for 2013 by CareerCast? It isn’t surprising because we all know
the rewards of being a chiropractor in all the categories evaluated: environment, income potential, job outlook and
(low) stress.

Practicing D.C.s can introduce
prospective students to an amazing career – serving in a health field, helping
people with a natural approach to health, making a difference in the lives of
others. Increasing demands for a natural approach to health care assures job
growth in the field. Chiropractic is one of the nation’s fastest growing
professions, and you can help keep it
that way.

When you
refer students to Sherman, you are sending them to a Doctor of
Chiropractic program that is known globally for graduating doctors who are
highly skilled in chiropractic care. Sherman prepares chiropractors who are
compassionate, ethical and successful.

Share this
great job opportunity with a prospective student in your office today! For help
and referral resources, visit our ROAR
or go straight to the referral form.
Remember, when you refer a student who enrolls at Sherman, you will receive a
limited edition bust of B.J. Palmer. Share the Big Idea today.

Proud to be part of The Pride!

I just returned from New Beginnings this past weekend, and I have to tell you I am proud to be a part of the Sherman Pride. (I will tell you more about new beginnings in a later post.) Dr. Cordero has told us “things are happening at Sherman,” or “Sherman is creating a buzz in the chiropractic community.” My initial response was skepticism. I am in class Monday through Friday 8-5. How do I know if there is truth behind his statements or not? But this past weekend I had the opportunity to be involved in an event outside of Sherman for chiropractors and see just what he was talking about. 

You don’t have to take my word for it. I encourage students to get involved. Go to New Beginnings, Dynamic Essential, and Lyceum. Each event adds to your education. Chiropractic education does not happen just in the classroom. I am proud to be part of a school that understands there is more than just textbook knowledge needed to be a successful chiropractor. Part of being a good chiropractor is having a firm understanding of what you believe. New Beginnings challenged my beliefs. I encourage students to go to these events with an open mind. You will not agree with every word that comes out of every person’s mouth, but that is how you challenge your own thinking and grow. 

The chiropractic profession is my future! And what happens to that profession depends on you and me. One DC made a great point. It is ok be in involved in IFCO and ICA. You don’t have to pick one or the other. Be involved in both and you get 2 votes for the future of our profession! 


Chiropractic Mission Trips – For What Purpose?

So, what is the purpose of a Chiropractic Mission Trip? Is it about us? Is it about going out to save the world?


I really like the picture above because it captures in its image chiropractic students truly on a mission…all loaded up on a truck ready to serve – to change the world! But this is only part of the purpose. Truly the people in Haiti, or wherever your trip takes you, has people in great need.

Perhaps in my mind the most important aspect of the trip is to bring heart, soul and hand together…to meet the people in the world in an act of loving kindness. At any moment in our lives we have the choice to serve, and there are times we receive as well. A mission trip brings this forefront in our consciousness, if it has not at any other time in our lives. 

It burnishes the rust from our hearts and reminds us that we are living beings sharing the world with others that have the same needs that we have; children that need to be cared for, elders that need hope and those in the middle carrying the burden of their society.

The truth is that we all carry the burden of the health of our planet and its people. The truth is that people who have great needs remind us of our humanity and in our humanity we can help them…live. It’s a win – win situation.   


Spartanburg Methodist College Contracts with Sherman College to Provide Chiropractic Care for Student Athletes

ShermanSMC_2095sqSeeking to enhance its community outreach efforts and improve lives with chiropractic care, Sherman College of Chiropractic President Dr. Edwin Cordero turned to fellow College Town institution Spartanburg Methodist College’s President Dr. Colleen Perry Keith to form a collaborative agreement and provide chiropractic care for the benefit of SMC student athletes.

The partnership contracts Sherman College’s faculty and select student interns to work closely with SMC’s athletic training and medical staff and provide regular chiropractic care to SMC student athletes on their campus.

“The collaboration between SMC and Sherman College is born of a time-honored tradition of integrative care for athletes,” says Sherman’s Dean of Clinics Dr. Adam Morrell, a chiropractor and certified chiropractic sports practitioner. “Sherman interns will serve our partner college by bringing chiropractic to elite athletes. We anticipate contributing to the athletes’ enhanced performance with chiropractic care.”

SMC Athletic Director Tim Wallace was thrilled when presented with the idea of the partnership between the two colleges. “Anything we can do to benefit our student-athletes’ health and performance is good, and this relationship with Sherman should prove more than beneficial,” he says. “I look forward to seeing the positive effects that chiropractic care has on the performance of the Pioneers.”

ShermanSMC_2178SMC and Sherman College have had a long-standing, mutually beneficial relationship as members of the College Town consortium, a collaboration between Spartanburg’s seven colleges and the City. This new agreement honors the consortium’s goal of enhancing students’ academic, social and service opportunities through institutional collaborations and programmatic enrichment opportunities. In addition, the agreement aligns with Sherman College’s mission by providing students with opportunities for education, research and service to the community.

Dr. Morrell is already working with Sherman College’s research department to design research studies on sports performance and chiropractic care, and the college will keep outcomes measures on all participating athletes.

Sherman students providing care are in their final stage of internship prior to graduation from the doctor of chiropractic program. The teaching environment, coordinated by licensed doctors of chiropractic, allows interns to practice under close supervision and constant consultation.

About Sherman College of Chiropractic
Sherman College of Chiropractic provides students with a comprehensive chiropractic education, preparing them to enter the field as primary health care professionals who are highly skilled, compassionate, ethical and successful. On its 80-acre campus in South Carolina, Sherman offers a first professional degree program unique in its approach to health care and known globally for the skill and art of chiropractic delivered by graduates. For more information, visit www.sherman.edu or call 800-849-8771.

About Spartanburg Methodist College
Spartanburg Methodist College is South Carolina’s only private, residential college exclusively for freshmen and sophomore students and one of only four colleges in South Carolina affiliated with the United Methodist Church. SMC’s mission is to transform lives in a values-oriented, student-centered atmosphere in the Christian tradition that encourages academic excellence, intellectual exploration, social awareness, and character development within the liberal arts tradition.

For more information, please contact:
Karen Rhodes                                        Gaines Huguley
Sherman College of Chiropractic             c/o Spartanburg Methodist College
800-849-8771, ext. 242                         864-232-7655, ext. 207
krhodes@sherman.edu                          gaines@shmkt.com       

Sherman College Lyceum Offers Inauguration, Inspiration, Education

The investiture of President Edwin Cordero, D.C., an inspiring program with founder Thomas A. Gelardi, D.C., 21 hours of continuing education credit, and a 40th anniversary celebration are just a few of the highlights of Sherman College of Chiropractic’s Lyceum 2013.

Sherman College will celebrate its “40 Years and still TIC-ing” Lyceum from Thursday to Saturday, May 23-25. The event is held each spring on the college’s campus in Spartanburg and involves three days of seminars, reunions, alumni events and more. This year’s Lyceum features more than 30 seminars with attendees able to receive up to 21 hours of continuing education credits.

The college will host a formal investiture ceremony for its fifth president, Edwin Cordero, D.C., on Thursday evening, May 23. Dr. Cordero is a dynamic leader passionate about inspiring, motivating and leading future chiropractors to a better understanding of the principles of chiropractic so they can make a positive impact in the communities they will serve around the world. He began his tenure at the college in January.

In addition to the investiture, key evening events include a 40th anniversary  celebration, an all-school reunion,  and a 1970s-themed banquet to close the weekend. The college also hosts a number of special events for the public, including a Career Day for prospective students, a golf tournament, and a 5K race.

Plenary sessions during Lyceum feature well-known chiropractors and inspiring themes. Sherman founder Thomas A. Gelardi, D.C., will present  a program on “A Reasoned and Sustainable Chiropractic.” Steve Judson, D.C., Brian Lieberman, D.C. , and Dean Sottile, D.C., will present “Living the Dynamic Essential,” and Sherman Trustees Joseph Borio, D.C., Liam Schubel, D.C., and Shane Walker, D.C., will share “How to be a Winner.”

Additional Lyceum 2013 speakers include Craig Berko, D.C., Robert Braille, D.C., Justin Brown, D.C., Ron Castellucci, D.C., Lona Cook, D.C., Tony DeMarco, D.C., Michael Dorausch, D.C., James Dubel, D.C., Hussein Elsangak, M.D., D.C., Mark Fullerton, D.C., Harold “Skip” George, D.C., Patricia Giuliano, D.C., Tim Guest, D.C., Chris Kent, D.C., Peter Kevorkian, D.C., Danny Knowles, D.C., Lyle Koca, D.C., Tedd Koren, D.C., Nalyn Marcus, D.C., Russell McArthur, D.C., Tim O’Shea, D.C., Kevin Pallis, D.C., Rose Panico, C.A., Edward Plentz, D.C., Todd Riddle, D.C., Fred Schofield, D.C., Susan Schofield, B.S., R.Ph., David Serio, D.C., Erick Swenson, D.C., Robert Tarantino, D.C., and Keith Wassung.

Registration is open; for additional information about Lyceum, go to www.sherman.edu/lyceum.

LCW Philosophy Weekend

L.C.W… Love Crazy Weekends? I think not. It stands for League of Chiropractic Women. They are a global organization that seeks to be "a voice for all women in chiropractic—DCs, CAs, spouses, students,
administrators, teachers and more. [Their] focus is to empower women in
chiropractic, and to develop leaders in the profession." according to their website (http://www.lcwomen.com/).


LcwpostI have heard this banner spoken many times during the break hour at Sherman since I have many friends in the local Sherman chapter of LCW. I have asked my friends as well as club President Anna Elkins if I can be a member [in an admittedly sarcastic tone], however, being a man I am not allowed in their meetings.


I have heard rumors of a men's auxiliary club starting on Sherman's campus, to which I respond I am no one's armpit. (a little play on words/anatomy joke)  

Joking aside, I love that Sherman hosts such a club and that they are coordinating events for Sherman. One such event was held today. The LCW was able to put on an event called Sherman Philosophy Weekend which was held today. The event ran from about 3:00 pm until around 9:00 pm. I was able to stay for half of the day event. The event hosted many speakers:

Dr. Sharon Gorman, Dr.
Patty Ribley, Dr. Thom Gelardi, Dr. Chris Kerszko, Dr. Jennifer Brandon,
Dr. Lyle Koca, Dr. Judy Campanale, Dr. Cathy Wendland-Colby, Dr. Norm
Colby, Joanne Gallagher, Dr. Jim Dubel, Dr. Sarah Stephens, Dr. Jonathan
Sem Holloway, and Sherman student Greg Russo.

Here are some of the highlights:

Dr. Sharon Gorman, who is the co-president of LCW, spoke on the importance of the LCW as well as continued need to tell the chiropractic story. She stated the principles of the LCW are based in subluxation, drug free, and the principles of chiropractic. One thing that really resonated with me was her emphasis on loving the patient. The chiropractor needs to "give out of their own abundance" and love no matter what patients do with their care. She stated, "If you dismiss a patient, they don't come back." Patient education is a process.

She also focused on what she perceived as the four needs of a DC. "We need to tell the story of chiropractic, see a lot of people, fill the schools and cover ourselves politically." This emphasized the need to educate future doctors and patients as well as fight the political battles to protect the integrity of our profession in its mission to remove interference.


Next, Dr. Chris Kerszko spoke on Stephenson's Principle 33, The Law of Demand and Supply. Having just taken the philosophy class that covers all 33 principles, I was very excited since this happens to be my favorite principle. Here is the principle for those that don't know it. Click here to see the other 33 principles.

The Law of Demand and Supply
is existent in the body in it’s ideal state;  wherein the “clearing
house” is the brain, Innate the virtuous “banker”, brain cells “clerks”,
and nerve cells “messengers.”

Philosophically, this principle has to do with the balance between tissue cells making demands of the innate which are interpreted and intellectually adapted as the innate responds with demands on the tissue cells. This balance allows the innate to properly manage the tissue cells to produce normality in function. Dr. Kerszko related this principle to the fact that there is a demand in the world for health and we must meet that demand. So, Dr. Kerszko left us with some ideas of how to reach the public at large with our message so we can properly meet the demand with the supply of the message of vertebral subluxation.

Then, Joanne Gallagher spoke on passion and mission. This speech was focused on the importance of harnessing the philosophy (the why of what we do), the science (why the why works), and the art (how we apply our knowledge) to be our mission. She stated, "Each of us have a gift and a passion that we incorporate to this philosophy, science, and art." She gave several examples of how we interact with each of these in a daily basis. She also spoke on the importance of learning from the uneducated, common sense attitude of children. They just try to solve problems simply and don't get lost in the details. She recommended at least half a practice be children.

Lcw2Next, Dr. Jonathan "Sem" Holloway spoke mainly to the students at the event about what it was like starting his practice. He emphasized the need for learning while in school. He stated, "It doesn't matter if you think you will use the [clinical test] in practice. You need to learn it so you can understand why you don't need to use it while in practice."

He also advised students to not be limited by the dogma of a particular technique because we listen to the Innate Intelligence first. (This statement was ironic coming from a doctor that focuses exclusively on upper cervical). Dr. Holloway also emphasized the importance of developing a philosophy in school and getting your degree. On a practical note, he recommended keeping overhead low when starting a business. He also recommended to practice saying "vertebral subluxation" until you are comfortable with the word.

Then, Dr. Sarah Stevens spoke on her journey to Chiropractic as well as the need for unity in our profession. She related our professions to Horton Hears a Who. We are all need to scream at the same time what our profession is in order for the world to hear. More specifically, we need to keep our profession focused on the removal of vertebral subluxation.


Lcw.3Finally, Dr. Thom Gelardi, founder of Sherman College of Chiropractic, spoke his Mission Statement: to bring affordable and effective care to remove vertebral subluxation from the world. This statement for him doesn't speak to any organization or political action group. It doesn't even speak to the chiropractic profession, since it by and large is moving away from the message of subluxation removal. This has been his mission statement for years and he believes it to be just as important in his lift today as in the past. The mission has been constantly fixed, despite approach and semantics evolving over the years.

He also shared his frustration with the classification of chiropractic care into alternative and complementary medicine. "Chiropractic care isn't an alternative to going to the dentist. You still need to go [if you have a cavity]." Dr. Gelardi also stated, "It is complimentary with medicine not to medicine. You only should do what you need. Adjust only if you need it. Take medicine only if you need it. Have surgery only if you need it."





The Sherman College League of Chiropractic          Women







    The food!





Overall, I really enjoyed the talks. It was nice to hear from all the Doctors that chose to give up their time and speak on a gorgeous Saturday in Spartanburg when they could have been outside. I definitely took away from the even the importance of having a clear mission that Chiropractic is removal of vertebral subluxation and there is am importance of sharing this message with the world along with love and service. I believe this will become an annual event and I hope to attend again next year.

Sorry about the length of this post, but it was a long event and was still occurring when I left. (That is why they call it a Philosophy Weekend). Also, I realize this is a woman's event and I only included pictures of men in my blog. The women at the event moved around too much when they presented so none of my picture turned out.