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4 Essential Communication Skills for Success as a Chiropractor

Sherman students develop their communication skills at the college’s on-site chiropractic clinic

Sherman students develop their communication skills at the college’s on-site chiropractic clinic

As you embark on your chiropractic career, you’ll use your communication skills often as you interact with patients, employees, and other healthcare providers. Communication will play an important role in how you build trust with patients, attract new patients to your practice, explain the philosophy of chiropractic, and work with your chiropractic colleagues and other professionals that might work in your practice. As a result, your communication skills will play a crucial role in your career.

What are the most essential communication skills for chiropractors? Read on to find out!

Successful Chiropractors Use Plain Language to Explain Chiropractic to Patients

Patients can sometimes feel nervous or unsure when they first visit a chiropractor. They might not know about the philosophy of chiropractic, or they might be unfamiliar with how chiropractors perform adjustments. One of the best ways chiropractors can help relax patients is by addressing any questions they might have, as well as taking the time to explain how chiropractic works in language they can easily understand.

As you complete your chiropractic training, you can gain patient communication experience at your college’s in-house clinic. Schools like Sherman College, with chiropractic accreditation, help students build valuable communication skills right in the classroom where they learn how to effectively explain the philosophy of chiropractic.

Generally, it’s best for chiropractors to use plain, simple language when explaining the concepts of chiropractic. Try using analogies that are easy for patients to relate to, and use everyday language instead of unfamiliar chiropractic terminology.

Active Listening Helps Chiropractors Build a Rapport with Patients

Being able to talk with your patients and carefully explain complex concepts is important, but so is the ability to listen to their concerns and questions.

Try using active listening as your patients explain their medical histories or voice any concerns they might have. Active listening involves carefully paying attention to what the other person is saying, and then asking questions or rephrasing what they’ve said to make sure that you’ve fully understood them.

Not only will patients feel better having voiced their opinions, but active listening also helps build trust and a sense of connection between a health professional and his or her patient.

Communicating with Co-Workers and Employees in a Chiropractic Practice

Once you graduate from chiropractic college, you might open your own practice or decide to work at an established practice. In many cases, you will work closely with an assistant that takes care of booking appointments, filing paperwork, and answering the phone. You might also work with several other chiropractors or healthcare professionals. To keep a harmonious work environment, you’ll need to use your communication skills often.

Try communicating with staff members regularly. Thank them for a job well done, and let them know about any important changes in policy, customer requests, or other feedback so that they can act in a timely manner. Open and regular communication helps create a welcoming and friendly work environment.

Written Communication Skills Can Help You Market Your Practice

Written communication skills are also an important part of chiropractic care. Not only do you use these skills to fill out important forms and paperwork, but you can also use writing to help promote your practice.

Many chiropractors use marketing tools such as social media, a blog, or a website to help market their chiropractic business. To help promote your practice, use a professional and accessible tone in your writing. You don’t want to scare away patients with unfamiliar chiropractic terminology, but you also don’t want to be so casual that patients don’t take your expertise seriously!

What other communication skills do you think help contribute to chiropractic business success?

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An afternoon in Greenville

It is not often that I take my head out of the books are go exploring the local community.  On this particular day I was taking Ryan (fellow Sherman blogger) to the airport so I convinced Rachel and Christian to go early and eat in Greenville. I am sure many of you have heard the expression the best kept secret of the south. I would apply this to Greenville.

If you have never been to downtown Greenville the main street is filled with restaurants, cute boutiques, and pubs (sorry my husband is British I can’t call them bars). But the best kept secret is Falls Park. I had been to the main street before, but I had never walked all the way to the end. If you walk past Carolina Ale House and keep going eventually you run into the park. I love the architecture of the bridge and the cascading waterfall is beautiful. 

We had appetizers and a pint at the Green Room. (I did not know until after we left, but the Green Room was featured on TV for their French fries.)  We had dinner at California Dreaming where I highly recommend the marinated chicken. And ice cream at Spill the Beans. Not in that order. I love trying new places and managed to go to 3 new places in one day. I think I will need about 10 more trips to try every restaurant on Main Street.   


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