Alumni Association and Student Affairs Announce PrePAIR Mentorship Program

“When you look at successful docs in the field, you often see one thing in common – they all had a mentor.” This realization is what inspired Alumni Association President and Director of Continuing Education Dr. Jillian Farrell, ’09, along with her colleagues, to create the newly launched PrePAIR Mentorship Program.


“The inception of the PrePAIR Mentorship program is rooted in removing a barrier for students to ask someone to be their mentor,” Dr. Farrell explains. “The program pairs students up with someone they are compatible with and who can answer questions, cheer them on, and help them navigate their chiropractic journey,” she shared.


The PrePAIR Mentorship Program is a joint effort from the Alumni Association and Sherman College’s Office of Student Affairs. Student Activities Coordinator, Keely English, said of the program, “I hope this will inspire, motivate, and build students’ confidence as they take on chiropractic school and become licensed D.C.s. I want this to be something in their tool belt that helped them while in school and potentially beyond.”

The Alumni Association is currently accepting applications for alumni mentors willing to commit 15 minutes per week with their mentee. Please email for more information on the mentor program. Students interested in being paired with a member can contact in Student Affairs.


If you are not currently an Alumni Association member and are interested in joining the Association and becoming a mentee, please email