Alumni of the Week: Andrea Marconi Nastelli

Alumni of the Week Andrea Marconi Nastelli

Graduation Year: March 2004 

Current Location: Tampa, Florida  

Years in Practice: 18 

What do you do to stay connected to Sherman College now? To stay connected, I attend Lyceum each year and share Sherman College with all those interested in pursuing a career in chiropractic.  

Favorite Sherman College Instructor: I was blessed with many great instructors who gave their time and talents; it’s hard to name just one!  Each instructor I worked with as a student at Sherman College was approachable and personable and made themselves available to ensure the success of myself and my peers. Something I find unique to Sherman College is that each time I visit the campus, I can see one of my past instructors if not many. That speaks volumes for Sherman College, as the instructors that trained me remain committed to Sherman’s message and the message of principled chiropractic.  

Favorite Lyceum Memory: One of my favorite memories was when I was invited to speak at Sherman’s Lyceum. I was humbled to be asked and to see that in the audience looking back at me were many of the very instructors who supported me while in school and my classmates.  It was a moment filled with much gratitude.   

What has been the best improvement to Sherman you’ve seen since you were a student? The best improvement for Sherman since being a full-time student on campus is redesigning and reorganizing the campus.  The new building designs, innovative learning environment, and thoughtfulness that was considered to help support the staff and students are simply unique. Each time I visit the campus, I am reminded of the richness of Sherman’s past and the excitement of where Sherman is heading.   

What would you like to see for Sherman College in the next 50 years? My vision for Sherman College and all the chiropractors is that collectively we hold to the principles and power of chiropractic.  Sherman College continues to strengthen its root within communities near and far so that everyone can hear the chiropractic message and all those interested can experience the power of chiropractic.  Now is the time to bridge the gap and build public awareness and understanding of the value of living a chiropractic lifestyle.