Alumni of the Week: Bob Berkowitz

Bob Berkowitz Class of 1981

Graduation Year: 1981

Current Location:  Highland Park, NJ

Years in Practice: 41

How do you stay connected to Sherman College? Lifetime Regent; Read all Sherman correspondence; Scholarship in memory of my parents, Samuel & Sandy Berkowitz.

Most Memorable Classmate: Pete Lope, Monica Kemp.

Favorite Sherman College Instructor: Doug Gates & Les Wise; Graham Dobson, another major influencer on me throughout my career in Chiropractic

Fun & Sad (brief) Memory: I actually failed Thom Gelardi’s 1st Quarter Philosophy class 801. This was a serious problem as a transfer student. I sat with Thom for hours going over every question, defending why I believed I deserved an extra point here and there as Thom defended why not. Thom was fair every step of the way as we negotiated a point here and a point there. Once I reached my predetermined minimum to get a passing grade, I stopped the negotiations, totally exhausted. What stood out most was how Thom listened to my every perspective on each question. I learned so much more during that time than I could have received anywhere else.

Favorite Lyceum Memory: 1999 when Sherman dedicated Lyceum to me. OMG! It was only the 2nd time a Lyceum was ever dedicated to an individual.

What has been the best improvement to Sherman you have seen since you were a student?  The Physical Campus.

What would you like to see for Sherman College? Emphasis on Chiropractic as a NON-THERAPEUTIC profession. Chiropractic cannot survive duplicating the objective of therapeutic profession.