Alumni of the Week: Evan Cohen

Evan Cohen, class of 1987

Graduation Year: 1987

Current Location: Lexington, SC

Years in Practice: 35

How do you stay connected to Sherman College? For the past 15 years I’ve been the official football team DC for the University of South Carolina and in that time, I have sent at least 17 students to Sherman. I remain in contact with these students, and they keep me up to date with the happenings at Sherman.

Most Memorable Classmate: To be honest I cannot single out one of my friends, we had a small group of us who were really tight, and we banded together and made the years fly by. Mark Centrelli, Frank Segreto, Mike Dalton, Jim Herald, and Mike Nirenstein, each one was special and my memories of us at school still warm my heart to this day.

Favorite Sherman College Instructor: That is extremely difficult, but I think if I had to choose one it would be Dr. Les Wise. His passion and knowledge for the profession was immense and he was excellent at passing that knowledge along. This was why I applied and was accepted to extern with him, and we remained friends, his passing was very sad.

Fun (brief) Memory: I have a very good brief memory and I hope it translates well. We were in Dr. John Porter’s technique class and by this time I knew it all.  I was being critiqued and the entire class surrounded me as I set up on my patient. Dr. Porter walks over to my table and inspects my technique and positioning and his critique was priceless and remains part of our conversations to this day. He said “Cohen! You’re on the wrong side, doing the wrong move!” And without another word he moved on, hilarity ensued and we still laugh about it to this day

Favorite Lyceum Memory: Probably when I received the distinguished service award from Sherman College.

What has been the best improvement to Sherman you have seen since you were a student? Total inclusion and diversity of thought.

What would you like to see for Sherman College? I know Chiropractic works, I’ve seen it firsthand for 35 years and I think the school should use its natural resources (Students) to prove it with some internal studies showing the efficacy of the profession. I have a few ideas if anyone is interested but I think Sherman can take the lead and prove to the world what chiropractic and chiropractic adjustments can achieve.