Alumni of the Week: Shannon Ruff

Shannon Ruff, Class of 2018

Graduation Year: 2018

Current Location: Spartanburg, SC

Years in Practice: 5

How do you stay connected to Sherman College? I am active in Sherman’s Animal Chiropractic Club, have many Sherman students shadow me in practice, and care for many of our Sherman family’s pets.

Most Memorable Classmate: Miranda Mistoler LaFrage and Sarah Roseberry Stewart (AKA “The Triplets”)

Favorite Sherman College Instructor: Dr. Kenya!

Fun (brief) Memory: Our class was the very last class to endure a 1st quarter “Bagel Fest”. Bagel Fest was the welcome back celebration that included the new first quarter having to sing and dance while the rest of the school booed loudly and enjoyed free bagels! It was all in great fun.

Favorite Lyceum Memory: My very first Lyceum as a student I heard Dr. Jay Komarek lecture about animal chiropractic and watched him adjust a horse. This was my first introduction to animal chiropractic, and the moment that set me on my career path to becoming an animal chiropractor.

What has been the best improvement to Sherman you have seen since you were a student? I am impressed with the addition of the new Gelardi Student Center and the renovations to the old buildings. The campus looks amazing.

What would you like to see for Sherman College? I would love to see Sherman add an AVCA approved animal chiropractic program!