Alumni of the Week: Tony Giordani

Alumni of the week Tony Giordani

Graduation Year: 2011

Current Location: Taylors, South Carolina

Years in Practice: 11

What do you do to stay connected to Sherman College now? To stay connected, I have done student nights at my office teaching different aspects of the Knee Chest Technique, X-ray, thermography with Tytron, and adjusting

Most Memorable Classmate: This is a hard question to answer. We had a small class, so it was more like a family. Everyone had their own memorable traits, especially the guy that would only ever wear shorts to school. This person shall remain nameless, but we all know who he is.

Favorite Sherman College Instructor: There are so many great instructors at Sherman College and it’s hard to name just one! If you put me on the spot, it’s a tie between Dr. Ron and Dr. Orndorff.

Favorite Lyceum Memory: One of my favorite Lyceum memories is hearing my late mentor Dr. Andy Roberts speak about the music between the notes, referring to the healing taking place in between each adjustment.

What has been the best improvement to Sherman? The best improvement by far is the new Gelardi Student Center. It truly is amazing to look at and such a huge benefit to the students as well.  I have to say the Cone Beam CT is pretty cool, too!

What would you like to see for Sherman College in the next 50 years? In the next 50 years, I would like to continue to see class sizes increase. Also, the advancement of research as well as protecting the chiropractic profession.