Rick Brescia – Online CE Feature

Image of Dr. Bescia

1. Quick 2/3 sentence bio (family/location/business(es)/etc):

I live and practice in Lockport, IL, just outside of Chicago with my 2 kids. I graduated from Palmer Davenport in 2008, started a practice right after graduation until 2015 when I joined the faculty at Sherman and practiced in Inman, SC. In 2018, I returned to this area to be back closer to family and opened my current practice.

2. What motivates you to provide CE content for the profession?

I love teaching and feel I have a lot to offer both students and with CE for doctors.

3. What do you hope to have DCs achieve by taking your courses?

I hope DC’s get a better understanding of the Gonstead work regardless of how they practice in their office, and that it raises their level of patient care.

4. Who inspires you professionally?

Bill Decken, Rick Burns, and Andy Kuecher inspire me within the profession. Beyond the profession, I am inspired by anyone who has worked hard to succeed and sees the benefits of it.

5. How do you recharge or do you have any tips on maintaining longevity in this profession?

Getting out on my Harley or my dirt bike and just going, feeling free from things for a bit. I also love to fish and hunt.

6. Where do you see the profession going in the future?

I hope I see the profession moving back towards subluxation correction and serving people. I feel the waters of what we do have gotten muddy and it causes confusion and incongruence within the profession and in the public image of what we do.

7. What is your favorite social media platform? How can people follow/about/media/sherman-shares/ with you?

You can find me through my practice website at www.lifepurposechiro.com, my seminars website www.gonsteadsystemacademy.com or call me at 773-842-9092.