Online CE Spotlight: Daniel Becker, DC, MEd, DACRB, CCSP

Dr. Daniel Becker

Dr.  Daniel Becker is originally from western Pennsylvania and currently lives in Inman, SC. He left full time practice in Greenville 2016 to become a full-time faculty member at Sherman College.

Q&A with Dr. Daniel Becker

Q: What motivates you to provide CE content for the profession?

A: I have enjoyed creating CE content because it is an additional way to keep informed on the latest research and present it to doctors who are practicing in a more concise manner, as they may not have the time for professional development that I do as a faculty member.

Q: What do you hope to have D.C.s achieve by taking your courses?

A: When I first started practice after graduation, I got in the habit, for the first 3-4 years, of taking CE seminars in technique because that is what I was comfortable with. I eventually realized it was best for me professionally to challenge myself and take CE programs on things I was generally unfamiliar with as it added another facet to my practice. I hope that those who take the time to do online CE through Sherman College, whether it be from me or any of my other highly qualified colleagues, get information that they feel is relevant to patient care and can use in their practice the very next day.

Q: Who inspires you professionally?

A: Believe it or not, I am most inspired by the students at the college. I am fortunate enough to be in my dream job, and all of the time I spend developing course content for students and for practicing D.C.s is to help others help more people. Being at Sherman College and having the opportunity to influence the next generation of chiropractors is truly an honor.

Q: How do you recharge or do you have any tips on maintaining longevity in this profession?

A: One of my mistakes in practice was to not take enough time away from practice. My longest vacation during 15 years in practice was only 1 week. I think often times, we need more than that to recharge so we are ready to meet our patients at 100 percent. I think it is also important to keep reminding yourself of the benefit of your services. It may seem simple, but it is often difficult to do when practice and life are fast paced.

Q: Where do you see the profession going in the future?

A: I think chiropractic has a very bright future. At Sherman College, we are graduating subluxation-based chiropractors who understand the profound impact that adjustments can have on the body’s physiology. If they play a role in helping to educate their patients/practice members, the sky is the limit. I also see a trend toward advances in technology helping to better locate and analyze subluxations. The use of functional MRI and Cone Beam CT scanning, plus 3D printing is very exciting. Imagine how great it would be to able to take a Cone Beam CT scan and print an exact model of the patient’s spine. It’s exciting.

Q: What is your favorite social media platform? How can people follow/about/media/sherman-shares/ with you?

A: I am on Instagram at @danieljbeckerdc. I can be reached at or by calling the college at 864-578-8770, ext. 285.