CE Spotlight: Amy Spoelstra, D.C.

Image of Dr. Spoelstra

Dr. Amy Spoelstra Currently practices at Spoelstra Family Chiropractic in Coeur d’Alene, ID and has launched FOCUS Seminars and partners with Sherman College to offer continuing education as a part of the seminar. We are excited to announce that she is transitioning her Level 1 seminar into an online offering that will be available in the coming months!

Q: What is FOCUS?

A: The FOCUS program is a four-pillared program to work with kids and adults with behavioral, learning, socialization, and developmental challenges. What we love most about it, is the principles of chiropractic are at the foundation as pillar one!

Q: How is FOCUS structured?

A; The FOCUS training for doctors and FOCUS Academy is a two leveled training seminar program that will be delivered virtually for Level 1 and in-person for Level 2 to teach chiropractors to boil down the complexity of working with those with neurodevelopmental disorders.  In FOCUS we teach doctors to be able to simply lead with brain development and processing to make the case for chiropractic care in a practical, clinical, and results rendering way.

Q: Why should every chiropractor experience a FOCUS seminar?

A; The magnitude of individuals with behavioral, learning, socialization and developmental challenges in our world is staggering and ever-rising.  Chiropractic should be the foundation of the team for each individual but we need, as a profession, to be able to up our understanding of how to make the case for what we bring to the table simply and intelligently based on the science. 

Q: What is the best tip you have for working with kids that have neurodevelopmental challenges?

A: Behavior or symptoms are not something to simply be extinguished or covered but instead to be understood. We, as chiropractors, do a good job of this when it comes to musculoskeletal complaints but often miss the boat when it comes to processing, behavioral and developmental “symptoms”.  When you can look at a behavior or a challenge as a window to the brain and something that tells you how a child is responding to their world, the game changes, and your ability to  help starts!

Q: Where can people find more or contact you?

A: People can connect with me at dramyspoelstra.com as well as my FREE Facebook group for chiropractors – FOCUS on Neuro-Deflective Disorders – A Chiropractic Group