A Message from President Cordero

Dr. Cordero headshot

Dear College Family,

Perhaps like many of you, I have struggled to express my feelings on the senseless killing of George Floyd and many other recent events in our country affecting our communities of color. But remaining silent helps no one, so here is what I know.

Part of the reason I am a chiropractor is because I believe in the fundamental dignity of mankind. My faith tells me that God made us, and that every one of us is fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. The care I give to people’s spines is my contribution to honoring that image. As image bearers, and as humans, regardless of our choice of faith, we are called to treat every person with dignity and respect.

Just as everyone has a spine, everyone is worthy of love, health, opportunity and understanding. Our Sherman College community has been built on shared values and principles. Today I ask that we work to further strengthen our college family by offering love, support and grace to one another and to the communities we serve.

None of us can understand exactly what someone else is experiencing, but we can extend a listening ear, share a supportive word, and offer space for others’ feelings. We can agree to look for injustices and find a way to fight back by making a positive difference. We can look closely at our own potential biases and take actions to correct them.

At  Sherman College, our mission is to educate and prepare students to become doctors of chiropractic focused on the analysis and adjustment of vertebral subluxation. But our vision is to adjust the world for a better future. We all seek a better future.

It pains me to see the state of our community with such divisiveness. I call upon our own college community to be a model of love, understanding and respect for each other as represented in the chiropractic oath: “I will serve my fellow human beings with an attitude of humility…. My best service will be available to all, regardless of their cultural, racial, or religious background…. To all this I pledge myself, knowing these ideals are prescribed by the dictates of reason and the love for humankind.”

We recognize this is already a very difficult time for many, with tensions now adding to the stresses of COVID-19, personal losses, financial concerns and social distancing. We encourage members of the college community to reach out and take advantage of our counseling and support services and our employee assistance program if needed.

In love and health,

Edwin Cordero, D.C.