I’m Ready

The goal of our “I’m READY” campaign is to have all graduates leave Sherman College with the confidence to say, “I’m READY.”

Additional opportunities for support and sponsorship include the following.

Health Center Ready Rooms

Our initial inspiration for this campaign, the Health Center Ready Rooms are where interns get ready for practice and prepare to see their clinic patients.

CBCT Imaging and Digital Radiography

Bringing the newest technology to our on-campus Chiropractic Health Center helps us provide the best patient care possible and prepares our future doctors of chiropractic to utilize the most advanced equipment in patient care.

Gelardi Student Center Lobby

As the finishing touch to the newest facility on campus, we have added the mission and vision of the college to the design of the lobby and library entrances.

Scallon Hall Exterior

Our welcoming front-door revamp includes a pop of our signature Sherman burgundy and some inspiring words.

Scallon Hall Academic Neighborhood

This space is a central gathering spot and highlights our college Honor Code.

Scallon Hall Lounge Areas

These spaces are popular gathering spots for students to socialize and study between classes.

Spots of Pride

Larry, the Sherman Pride mascot, gets a dominant spot in both Scallon Hall and in the Bookstore; both are popular places for selfies and photos shared on social media.


These feature graphics throughout Scallon Hall make up a symbolic spine using Stephenson’s 33 Principles of Chiropractic. Purchasing a Principle qualifies you to become a Visionary Regent if you so desire.

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The classroom hallway in Scallon Hall features 13 chiropractic techniques, each one with a sponsorship opportunity. Purchasing a Technique qualifies you to become a Visionary Regent if you so desire.

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And More

Additional areas on campus that present great opportunities for investment include the anatomy lab, research offices, our student success hallway, and other high-traffic spaces.

Get The Details

To learn more about the many ways to support Sherman College’s “I’m READY” initiative and for more information on specific naming opportunities, please contact