Graduation Success

Graduation Success

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Sherman College

Preparing Graduates for Success in Practice

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Sherman is the only chiropractic college focused on teaching students the business acumen for success in practice with the G10, Graduation Plus 10, program. Sherman College asserts that chiropractic college graduates deserve to excel by successfully practicing chiropractic and generating revenues through healthy, vibrant and prosperous practices centered on the chiropractic adjustment.

Sherman College has introduced into its curriculum a proven Practice Success Program that equips Sherman College graduates with the necessary business tools for career success. This is a powerful partnership with TLC4Superteams and Drs. Dean and Jen DePice that promises to help Sherman students develop the skills they require for success as a practitioner and business owner. Brian Dooley, D.C., ’05, A.C.P., directs the program on campus.

“Too often, brand new doctors of chiropractic move into the workplace with great skills and no idea of how to run a business,” explains Sherman College President Edwin Cordero, D.C. “Their goal may be to help people achieve optimal health, but they can’t do that effectively without the business acumen to start up and run a successful practice.”

G10 helps Sherman College students explore the practical aspects of establishing and growing their practices, along with providing a game plan for eliminating student loan debt within the first 10 years after graduation. It is an innovative program that starts in the first quarter to give students intensive training on how to be a chiropractic entrepreneur.

The program covers everything from managing start-up costs to defining the value proposition of a business. It puts sound business practices alongside expert clinical instruction so Sherman graduates can build enduring and distinguished practices, as well as thrive financially so they can serve fully.

“I’m excited for the students and for the college,” Cordero says.” We want to give our students the best experience possible. We want them to be purposeful, make different choices. It’s clear that other colleges that want to be competitive will have to follow suit.”

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